ECCO Women’s Casual Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe


Ecco Women’s Casual Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe Review

Ecco is one of my favorite golf shoe brands to check out each golf season when shoe shopping. They not only make some of the most comfortable golf shoes but they are also very stylish for fashion if you want to rock the shoes outside of golf.

Today we are reviewing the Ecco Women’s Casual Hybrid 2 golf shoe which is the second version of this golf shoe launched with upgrades you’ll enjoy.

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When picking out a new pair of golf shoes here are things to consider:

  • Grip – prevent slippage during the golf swing
  • Feel – you want comfort when walking
  • Color / Design – for style and confidence rocking a stylish pair of shoes
  • Price – affordable shoes that you feel give value for the price
  • Material – durable material that will hold up during a rigorous golf season
  • Water Resistant – a bonus feature if you play in wet conditions

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Features of the Ecco Casual Hybrid 2 Shoe

100% Leather

The material of this ECCO women’s golf shoe is 100% leather providing a stylish exterior appearance and a quality material build.

Synthetic sole

The sole of the shoe however is synthetic which is an alternative to leather. Synthetic soles are usually an EVA or PVC material choice.

Stylish Yet Casual

The ECCO Women’s Casual Hybrid golf shoe gets its name from it’s stylish appearance. It’s a trendy shoe that can be worn during a round of golf or casual enough to wear as comfortable shoes in every day life.

Upper Features

The upper is made of leather and it provides you with a comfortable feel while walking as well as excellent breathability to help air out the shoes on hot days or from physical activity that gets the feet sweating.

Perspiration Resistant

Speaking of sweating, this ECCO women’s golf shoe has an ECCO hydromax treated leather upper that is very weather and perspiration resistant.

Outsole Features

You’re getting a very grippy golf shoe which has 800 traction angles thanks to the E-DTA Hybrid technology in the outsole.

Insole Features

The insole can offer extra width in the shoe by removing it. If you leave it in it is a comfortable leather with soft fiber to maintain satisfaction for those with less wide feet.

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