pxg 0311t irons review

PXG 0311 T Irons Review (3 Reasons to Buy)

PXG 0311 T Irons Review

PXG has always made a good impression with their irons and has often been referred to as the top iron producer in the industry.

The 0311 T irons are one of the four models in the PXG’s 0311 GEN2 irons series.

The PXG 0311-T iron is engineered for golfers of every level but more skilled players tend to flock to PXG due to advanced technology and due to the price tag keeping many beginners away.

So, what makes this iron worth the hype and the price tag given to it? Let’s get into the full review..

PXG Golf Iron Features

pxg 0311 irons golf

According to PXG, all the 0311T’s heads are made as two-piece hollow construction.

There back, sole and hosel are all forged from a single piece of soft carbon steel which has a tight grain structure that resonates differently to improve the impact of your golf shots. One reason why ball striking feels so good with PXG irons.

They are also CNC milled with a hollow internal cavity that removes weight and allows the positioning of extra mass around the perimeter in the form of tungsten weighting.

This raises MOI to high levels. MOI (moment of inertia) impacts how well the club reduces twisting after contact with the golf ball. High MOI results in less twisting and straighter ball flight.

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Like other PXG irons in the 0311 GEN2 categories, 0311T is also designed with a COR2 technology which is a low density, high speed and vibration-dampening material with explosive C.O.R properties.

This material enables efficient energy transfer hence producing a more consistent response, good accuracy, and an incredible feel at impact. Better energy transfer also leads to higher ball speeds and longer distances.

PXG 0311-T Looks

PXG 0311T is the tour version of the 0311 irons. It, therefore, comes with less offset and thinner sole and topline.

The topline, however, looks thick with a rounded back edge hence giving it a thin look at address.

They are fine looking but not for golfers who prefer rail-thin butter knives.

PXG 0311 Irons Sound and feel

The PXG 0311T really stands out when it comes to the feel.

They offer a hot feel off the face which might confuse you as a game improvement iron. The sound, which is described more like a “snap,” is in place to enhance the hot feel.

The thermo-plastic elastomer which is injected into the hollow body of the iron dampens the vibration, adding more stability to the face and above all enhancing the feel and the sound.

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PXG 0311 Irons Performance

On the performance side of golf, the 0311T iron can be described as a longer than average iron and also more forgiving than average.

Why such a description? Well, the irons do not offer absolute forgiveness as most players may expect.

They are sure to give you some level of forgiveness on mishits but not that much for a player who is playing a Tour-style iron.

There is a lot of technological and construction aspects put together to make the 0311T perform better and impress many players. One example is the weight placement at the back which helps with launch.

The hollow, elastomer filled construction brings up a thin, high-strength steel face giving it the desirable pop.

Lastly, the off-center-hit stability is maximized by the back of the forged body with tungsten screws.

PXG 0311 Irons Price

Find the latest price of the PXG 0311-T Irons on their website here: https://www.pxg.com/en-us/clubs/irons/gen2

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