How to Buy Golf Grips (And Don’t Do This)

Best Golf Grips (Buying Guide)

As golfers we are all guilty of not paying enough attention to the grips we use on our clubs. We are very worried about finding the perfect head and shaft combination, once that is accomplished we normally opt for the “just add any grip” option.

The grip is the only point of contact that you have with the golf club. It is thus very important to use a grip that is not only comfortable, but that is also fitted to you personally.

Finding the perfect grip for you might seem like a daunting task. Not to worry, this guide will be your one stop shop if you are in the market for a new set of grips.

Lets take a closer look at different types of grips, how to choose the grip that is best for you, the best grips available on the market, and how to take care of your grips.

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Different types of grips

Grips for irons, woods and drivers

Majority of golfers will use the same type of grip on their irons, woods and driver. Iron and wood grips in general are standard round golf grips without any additional weight added to the grip.

Putter grips

Putter grip designs have evolved immensely over the past decade and there are many different options to choose from when buying a new putter grip. SuperStroke changed the putting grip market when they introduced their line of oversized round and flat shaped grips, they also added counterbalancing weight to some of their models.

best golf grips

Beginner’s Guide to Buying Golf Grips

Before purchasing a new grip or set of grips there are a number of factors to consider. The factors to consider include:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Material
  • Weight

Golf Grip Sizes

Grips are available in different sizes to ensure the perfect fit depending on the size of your hand. Standard grips are available in two different sizes, a 58 and a 60. This means that the diameter of the grip is either 0.0580 or 0.600 inches in diameter.

Grips are also available in:

  • Junior – available in various sizes that are both smaller and shorter than standard
  • Undersize – 1/64 smaller than standard
  • Midsize – 1/16 inch larger than standard
  • Jumbo – 1/16 inch larger than standard

The amount of wraps of tape underneath the grip also determines the size of the grip. Standard application is one wrap of tape, but the addition of another layer can make a grip feel slightly bigger.

Golf Grip Shapes


Round (symmetrical) is the standard shape of grip that majority of golfers prefer to use on their irons, woods and driver.


Ribbed grips feature a small ridge that runs down the length of the grip. Most golfers that use ribbed grips prefer to have the grip down the back of the shaft. The rib on a grip serves as guide or reminder for players as to where to position their hands and fingers.

Square Putter Grip

Putter grips have evolved immensely over the course of the last few years. Square oversized putter grips have become very popular and as a result a huge variety of putter grip shapes and sizes are currently available on the market.

Golf Grip Material

Rubber Golf Grips

Rubber is an easy to produce, easy to shape and durable material that delivers a firm yet sticky feel. Majority of golf grips are made out of rubber, or majority of the design of a grip will feature rubber.

Cord Golf Grips

Cord is used in the design of a variety of different grips on the market. Grips that feature cord in their design are renown for providing additional traction especially in rainy weather or for those golfers with sweaty hands.

Leather Golf Grips

The grips on old clubs were frequently made out of leather. Leather putting grips are still available, but they have become somewhat of a limited custom option to many. Switch Grips feature a range of leather putting grips, they are trying to blow new life into an old classic.

Grip Weight

Counterbalance Grips

Traditional grips normally use to all weigh the same, the only differentiating factor that changed grip weight was the size of the grip. Modern grips, including both iron and putter grips are available in counter balance options. Adjustable counterbalancing weights that screw into the butt end of the grip allows the golfer to adjust the weight of the grip until the club feels perfect in their hands.

Best Golf Grip Brands

Golf Pride Grip Review

golf pride grip reviews

Golf Pride has been known as the industry leading grip manufacturer for many years. Golf Pride grips are used by more than 80% of professional players on all professional tours around the globe.

The Golf Pride range of grips includes both rubber and corded grips. Their Tour Velvet model is known for its soft feel, and the Tour Velvet cord range combines the use of both rubber and cord in the design to offer the best of both worlds.

The latest innovation from Golf Pride is the use of ALIGN technology. ALIGN technology features the use of a prominent line down the length of the grip.

The line is made to feel 50% harder than the rest of the grip, and it also features a distinctive ridge texture. ALIGN technology allows players to grip the club in a consistent square manner, a square clubface at impact equals straighter shots.

Gold Pride features a unique grip fitting system to guide you along your grip buying process. A set of Golf Pride grips will go a long way in your quest to lower your scores out on the course on a consistent basis.

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SuperStroke Golf Grip Review

super stroke grip review

SuperStroke announced their arrival on the global golf scene with their revolutionary putter grips. Jordan Spieth was one of the early users of SuperStroke grips and his success on the greens catapulted SuperStroke onto the world stage.

The SuperStroke range of putter grips features a wide selection of round, flat, pistol shaped and traditional looking putter grips. These grips are also available in different lengths, sizes and they feature a custom counterbalance weight system.

The SuperStroke rubber club grips are slowly making a name for themselves. The SuperStroke iron grips feature a sleek traditional design that offers comfort and quality to its users.

Some of the world’s best players have made the switch to SuperStroke club grips, these players include Spieth, Sergio Garcia and Jason Dufner.

SuperStroke grips are only going to get better and better and they are definitely a brand that is here to stay.

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Switch Grips

Switch Grips might be new as a grip manufacturer but their grips have certainly caught the attention of many golfers worldwide. The Switch Grips range of grips includes rubber and corded iron grips as well as a variety of different putter grips.

The Player Line of putting grips from Switch Grips feature a unique interchangeable system that allows for quick and easy hassle free grip changes on the go.

Switch Grips are available in a variety of bright colors that will definitely attract the attention of players that like to shy away from being traditional. All of the grips in the Switch Grips range come standard with their unique counterbalance system.

Switch Grips feature more than just a variety of color options, they also feature cutting edge technology that will make a positive impact on the game of any golfer.

How to take care of your grips?

A full set of grips can be pricey, but taking good care of your grips will ensure a maximum lifespan. Good grip care will ensure clean tacky grips that last.

During a round sweat, sunscreen and other materials will make your grips dirty and gross. Wiping your grip with a damp towel will help, but warm water and dish washing soap is a more efficient cleaning option.

Soaking your grips in soap water isn’t recommended, simply dipping a towel in the hot soap water and wiping the grips will suffice. Allow the grips to dry outside before putting your clubs back into your bag.

Grip cleaning products are available but warm water with dishwashing soap does the job just as well, if not better.

How often should you change your grips?

How often you change your grips depends on the amount of golf that you play. Golfers that play and practice on a regular basis should consider changing their grips on an annual basis. Casual golfers can change their grips every other year or when need be.


All golfers, but mostly mid to high handicap amateur golfers, all underestimate the value of not using a grip that is fit to them personally.

A big variety of grips are available on the market to choose from, but it is recommended to stick with an industry leader such as Golf Pride or SuperStroke.

Replacing old grips is important, but taking good care of your current grips is just as important in order to get the most out of your grips. Go above and beyond and find the best grips for your game, the results might just blow your mind.

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