The Fastest Way to Improve Your Golf Swing

The Fastest Way to Improve Your Golf Swing

The fastest way to improve your golf swing is swinging without a ball. You need to be distraction free where you can focus only on the golf swing itself and the different swing positions. The golf ball will only serve as a distraction.

Why so?

Well, when you are making a practice swing, you are learning. When you are hitting a golf shot, you are performing. Those who only make golf swings with a golf ball become focused more on the performance of that golf ball and less on the golf swing.

Whenever I’m working on a swing change, I head down to the basement or backyard with my 7 iron.

I focus on a proper set up and then I go through the swing motion in slow motion, moving the club to different positions. The whole time, I am focused on “feel” learning what the golf swing feels like.

So here is my advice for you…

Instead of heading to the golf course or driving range this weekend, spend your time away from the course working on the golf swing without the golf ball.

Resource: Golf Practice System with Step by Step Practice Plans + Video Lessons

7 Areas of Your Golf Swing to Tune Up

Here are the parts of the golf swing to work on from home:

  • Grip
  • Posture at address
  • Precise ball position
  • The takeaway
  • Weight transfer
  • Transition into the ball
  • Follow through & finish position

In today’s age of technology you can set up a video camera on a tripod to film yourself while working on your set up and golf swing motion.

You can use two main camera angles, the first being down the line and the second being face on.

Down the line camera view: Set up the camera so it’s facing your imaginary target where you would be hitting the golf ball. This angle helps you see the club path during the takeaway and during the downswing to impact.

Face on camera view: Set up the camera so it’s facing you straight on, pointing at your chest. This angle of view helps you see the top of the back swing and whether or not you’re dipping the club past parallel. It also helps identify weight shift and body turn errors in the golf swing.

If you’d like to use slow motion video, check out some of the slow motion apps from the app store that can be used to film the golf swing. Here is the camera I use to film my golf swing: Canon G7x Mark ii

Overall, practice 100 dry golf swings per day from home without a golf ball and you’ll begin to see results when you get to the golf course.

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