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After blogging for over 5.5 years now on the Nick Foy Golf blog, we’ve been able to create lots of helpful articles related to various parts of the golf game. Our golf tips have helped hundreds of thousands of golfers world wide finding our golf website from 200+ countries.

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Today’s post is a round up style blog post, sharing the best golf articles we’ve written for each of the different categories (swing, chipping, putting, mental game, etc).

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Resource: Golf Practice System with Step by Step Practice Plans + Video Lessons

Best Golf Swing Tips

Struggling with your golf swing? While we may not have all the answers, we did cover a variety of issues golfer’s face in their swing. It’s still recommended you schedule a session with a local swing coach to work out any golf swing faults you’re dealing with. Here are some solutions for the DIY golfers:

Best Golf Swing Distance Tips

I’ve always struggled to hit the ball far due to my easy, controlled swing. Adding distance to your golf swing can help to lower your scores because it makes the game easier. You face less distance remaining on each shot, allowing you to hit more lofted clubs which tend to go straighter. If you’d rather hit a wedge into greens versus a 4 iron, then these articles are for you (:

Best Golf Chipping Tips & Drills

Short game is the most important part of the golf game. The better your short game, the lower scores you’ll shoot. It all starts with chipping for when you miss the greens and need to recover! Here are helpful articles so you can get up and down for par more frequently:

Best Golf Putting Tips & Drills

Putting is my favorite part of the game. It’s when you finally get to see the ball go in the hole, rewarding yourself for all the hard work during the hole. It feels good to sink long putts and feel like the Tour Pros. Here are some of the best golf articles to help you learn how to master putting and lower your golf scores.

Best Golf Mental Game Tips & Drills

The golf mental game takes a lot of time to work on just like other skill areas. Becoming mentally tough in golf can separate you from the rest of the playing field. If you’re losing strokes in your golf game due to pressure, check out some of these articles covering golf mental tips:

Top eBook: The Golf Mental Game Blueprint

Top Golf Articles Shared on Pinterest

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Other Top Golf Blogs to Read

Lastly, we’ve got some random golf blog posts that we will pair together down here in the Other Category. Check them out and get to work implementing the golf tips and lessons learned! Good luck (:

Concluding Thoughts on Today’s Best Golf Blog Posts Round-Up

Thank you for stopping by the Nick Foy Golf blog today and checking out this article. I hope you found some new articles to add to your reading list! Make sure to grab a notebook and pen, writing down notes and key takeaways from each of the blog articles. This way you can look back at your notes until you’ve ingrained the lesson into your long term memory.

If you’d like to follow the step by step practice plan I currently am using to improve my golf skills, you can check it out here.

Bonus Resource: We also have two other practice plans you can learn more about here.

These come with worksheets that go in sync with the step by step practice routines as well as bonus worksheets for tracking down your statistics (FIR, GIR, Scrambling, Putts per round, Etc.). We’ve also stuck in some fitness PDF files and bonus golf practice drill files. Overall, you get a lot of great stuff when you become a member of the online academy.

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