Fat Putter Grips for Golfers

Now days you can find putter grips of all shapes and sizes. They are the only ones that are allowed to have a non-round shape, but still with all sorts of option available, the most popular option that people go for is the oversized/fat putter grip.

Putter grips should be uniform in shape (you cannot mold your grip to fit the curves and shape of your fingers and hand). As per the USGA Equipment rules, your putter grip can have a maximum thickness of 1.75 inches and a minimum length of 7 inches.

Finding the putter and the style of putter grip that suits your style of play can be a task in itself. Similarly, choosing the size of your putter grip that can be beneficial for you can be confusing too. It ultimately depends on your personal preference.

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Understanding Fat Putter Grips

Fat putter grips generally fall into the oversize or jumbo putter grip category. Grips that have a diameter close to 1.75 inches can be considered to be within the oversize or jumbo putter grip category and are generally seen as a fat putter grip.

The larger diameter of fat grips will help you get more of the grip to be in contact with the hands, ands limits the movement within the wrists. With fat grips you would need less pressure to maintain control of the putter. Limited wrist movement and less grip pressure would create a more fluid putting stroke.

A fat grip can provide an effective solution for players who suffer from wrist breakdown in the putting stroke or excessive grip pressure. It is less likely to manipulate the face angle as you make the stroke, as it would not require your fingers to wrap all the way round a thick putter grip. This naturally gives you more relaxation than using a traditional grip and would give you better accuracy.

A fat putter grip can help you get a smoother pendulum stroke while also reducing the amount you manipulate the angle of your putter face as you come into contact with the ball. While holding a fat grip, your hands are in contact with a large surface area, and this will lead you to having a better accuracy.

How to select a fat putter grip?

When you practice or play, the best way to grip a putter is the way that feels most comfortable and in control.

It is essential to understand if a fat putter grip is right for you. You need to first find a grip that has a shape and size that adjusts properly with the shape of your hands, and more importantly, is comfortable for you.

Instead of relying on sizing charts or what tour players are using, you should believe in your own intelligence and choose what gives you more confidence. You can gather some simple data so that you can evaluate whether or not switching to a fat putter grip has actually improved your stroke. You can try noting down stats like putts per round, putts per green in regulation and average length of putts you made.

The swing weight is also important in choosing a fat grip. Before switching to a fat grip, you should measure your putter’s swing weight. You can then make necessary adjustments later on to get back to your preferred swing weight.

Advantages of Fat Putter Grip

The advantages of a fat putter grip can often help golfers mitigate some common problems that they might have with their putting stroke.

A fat putter grip can be beneficial to someone whose grip pressure is too tight. It can help correct a swing issue that you might have. It can help align the hips and the body, allowing your torso to be more dominant during your putting stroke.

You have to maintain a soft grip pressure to be a great putter. Fat putter grips keeps your hands soft, and your arms relaxed. It is much harder to have a strong grip on a large grip.

Using fat putter grips can reduce the chances of the putter twisting during your stroke. As fat grips are much wider than normal, it becomes harder to use your wrists during the stroke.

Fat putter can also be beneficial for you if you are someone who takes the putter too back or inside while swinging. It becomes much easier to have a more straight back while swinging with a fat putter grip, as it is much bigger and heavier than normal grips.

Disadvantages of Fat Putter Grip

A big disadvantage of fat putter grip is that it is often heavier than normal putter grips.

The heavy weight of a putter grip can at times make the head of the putter feel lighter. This might sometimes make it uncomfortable for you to make your putting strokes with it.

Fat putter grips also limits the movement of the small muscles in your hands and wrists while you are playing your putting stroke.

As your feel gets reduced with the fat putter grip during longer strokes, you may find that they are not very suitable for the winter when the greens are on the slower side, or if you find yourself left with a lot of long putts.

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