Golf Club Shaft Length Guide

When it comes to golf clubs, shaft length does matter. While the correct club length makes the golf game even more enjoyable, inaccurate shaft length will have the opposite effect.

But what determines the correct golf club shaft length? Well, it depends on many factors, including your swing style, skill level, different types of golf clubs, height, and posture. To make things easier, I’ve prepared a quick club shaft length guide so you can choose the right one.

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What Is Shaft Length?

Shaft length is the shaft’s raw length, which is connected between the clubhead and the grip. It acts like a lever and allows a player to hit the golf ball over a great distance by using the body’s rotation.

The longer the shaft, the longer distance a golf ball could travel. The shaft varies in length; the putter has the shortest and the driver the longest.

How to Measure a Golf Club Shaft Length?

  • Place the golf club on a flat surface with its toe pointed up.
  • Now, lay a protractor against the clubhead on the same surface. Check the clubhead’s sole position, and it must be at a 60-degree angle to the flat surface.
  • Imagine a line that follows the club’s sole at the 60-degree angle to where it intersects or crosses with the even surface.
  • Finally, measure from where the crossing line meets the level surface at the club’s heel, along the tip of the grip and the shaft.

If you find it difficult to measure the golf club shaft length, you can go to a professional fitter to do this task.

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Shaft Length in Irons

The optimal shaft length in Irons can be determined by a set of measurements like arm length, player’s height, and swing posture. A tall player would not benefit by using a golf club designed for a short golfer.

You can follow these steps to determine the shaft length for irons.

Stand straight against the wall and get someone to measure your height. If your height is between:

  • 4ft 9″ to 5ft 0″ Subtract 2 inch from Standard Length
  • 5ft 0″ to 5ft 3″ Subtract 1 and 1/2 inch from Standard Length
  • 5ft 3″ to 5ft 6″ Subtract 1 inch from Standard Length
  • 5ft 6″ to 5ft 9″ Subtract 1/2 inch from Standard Length
  • 5ft 9″ to 6ft 0″ Standard Length
  • 6ft 0″ to 6ft 3″ Add 1/2 inch to Standard Length
  • 6ft 3″ to 6ft 6″ Add 1 inch to Standard Length
  • 6ft 6″ to 6ft 9″ Add 1 and 1/2 inch to Standard Length
  • 6ft 9″ to 7ft 0″ Add 2 inch to Standard Length

The standard length of a three iron is 38.75 inches, five iron is 37.5 inches, seven iron is 37 inches, and 9 iron is 35.5 inches.

Shaft Length in Drivers

The shaft length in drivers helps you determine how fast you can swing the golf club, along with the angle of attack and the club’s path. The standard length for the drivers is 44.5 inches.

How to Determine the Shaft Length in The Driver?

The relation of the overall length of the club with the golf club’s shaft defines the length of the driver shaft. Usually, the longer the driver shaft is, the more difficult it will become for you to control the golf club and hit a golf ball squarely.

Follow these steps to measure the length of your driver shaft:

  • Place the club in such a position that the center of the sole makes contact with the surface.
  • Now, place a 48-inch golf club ruler right behind the club and make sure that the tip of the ruler touches the surface by the club’s heel.
  • The ruler must be in a position where the golf club rests on it.
  • Measure the distance from the heel of the club to the edge of the grip cap.

You can use this method in all instances except putters because the position of the shaft is not at the heel.

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Final Thoughts

The golf club shaft length plays a significant role in the players’ ability to control drives and hit long. Longer shafts can generate more clubhead speed, but it does not provide you with good control. You can achieve a better swing speed and control by adjusting the shaft length suitable to your ground measurements.

Choosing the right golf club shaft length combined with some other factors such as weight, torques, flex, and kick point allow a golfer to lower scores and hit more accurate shots.

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