best golf instagram accounts to follow

Golf Instagram Accounts to Follow (Top 7 Entertaining Golf IG Accounts)


Best Golf Instagram Accounts to Follow:

We spend hours every day checking social media apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube so we wanted to create a list of fun golf Instagram accounts to follow.

Each of these accounts has amassed large followings above 20,000 which is justified by the entertaining, educational, and intriguing content you see being posted daily.

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Follow These Instagrams


NickFoyGolf is our very own golf Instagram account with over 20k followers and growing. We publish daily content that will be entertaining as well as education golf tips and instruction. We recently began traveling around the U.S. filming golf vlogs which we share snippets of on Instagram. Catch the full episodes on our YouTube Channel here.

Follow our Instagram Account here


Known for creating golf balls and hats with the words “Tities” in Titleist style font, this is another very entertaining golf Instagram account to follow. You’ll find a variety of pictures, videos, and promotional posts but don’t worry they have sweet apparel you’ll likely find yourself purchasing!


This golf IG account mixes in a variety of fun content to watch in video format, from drunk golfers, to crazy trick shots, to funny memes. Definitely one of the top Instagram accounts to be following in the golf nice.


This is one of the most entertaining golf Instagram accounts to be following. They create funny golf memes for your daily enjoyment as well as funny golf videos. If you and your golfing buddies love to share golf jokes, use this page as a resource to source content from.


If you love watching attractive women hit the golf ball better than you do, then GolfBabes is definitely an Instagram account you want to be following. With nearly 300k followers and plenty of content to keep you entertained, you’ll likely come away inspired to better your own game after seeing these chicks hit a golf ball.


To keep up with golf news and PGA Tour events, the GolfDigest account is worth a follow. Every week you’ll learn something new about PGA players, golf equipment, golf courses, and other interesting content being posted on this Instagram account.


Golf equipment fanatics will love the GolfWRX Instagram account. They do a series called “What’s In the Bag” where you can learn what golf clubs are currently being used by different PGA Tour pro’s like Jordan Spieth, Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, etc. Learn about the newest releases of golf clubs as well by following this Instagram account.

Golf Brand Accounts

Additonally, you can follow individual golf brand accounts like Titleist, TaylorMade, Cobra, Ping, Callaway, Odyssey, and others to see the latest golf clubs, golf balls, and gear being manufactured by these brands. You can also spot sales they’re having by following them if you’re waiting to buy at cheaper prices.

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