Golf Putting Drill: Lag Putts with Your Eyes Closed

Eyes Closed Golf Putting Drill

Why would anyone want to close their eyes during a putt? Well, in this instance it’s just a golf practice drill so the end result of the putt going in the hole isn’t what matters most.

The emphasis of this putting drill is to develop feel and this occurs by learning how to use your senses better. Our eyes give us information like distance perception but sometimes our eyes can deceive us too.

Instead, putting feel comes from the hands and the contact your feel the ball make with the putter at impact. This information quickly relays to your brain where you’ll feel if you’ve hit the ball too hard, too soft, or just right.

And the more putts you hit during practice, the more feel you’ll develop.

So for this drill to help aid your focus on feel in your hands, we want you to close your eyes so you rely on only the sensation of your arms swinging the putter head into the ball and how the ball feels at impact, coming off the face.

It may sound like a weird golf putting drill, but after trying it you’ll see what we’re talking about!

How to Do the Eyes Closed Putting Drill:

  1. Measure out putts from 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 feet
  2. Set down a golf ball at each distance
  3. Hit each putt but with your eyes closed
  4. Judge in your mind while your eyes are closed where you think the ball ended up
  5. Open your eyes and check your guess
  6. Repeat this drill until you get all 5 putts within a few feet of the hole in a row
  7. This develops your feel and speed control

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