Why You Should Hire a Golf Coach

Why Your Child Needs a Golf Coach

Hello Golf Parents! This article is for you today. You’re considering making an investment in your child’s golf game and this takes due diligence on your part to make sure you’re making the right decision. Understandable. My quick solution off the bat to the question “should I get get my child a golf/swing coach?” is YES!

Yes, you should hire a golf coach for your child. Especially if they are young!

They have lots of time to develop before high school and become a sought after golf recruit by colleges. This means less money out of your pocket and more scholarship money by the golf team.

Most parents, however, elect not to make the investment into a golf coach for their child/children because of cost. Instead they have the following mental thoughts:

  • I’ll have my son/daughter watch free YouTube videos on golf lessons
  • There are free articles and golf instruction on the internet to access
  • I have friends who can train my child for free
  • My child’s golf teammates can help him/her
  • A trainer would want my child to swing just like the trainer
  • Lessons are a waste of time and money, I’ve tried it before
  • My child can learn from just watching golf channels

Ever used one of these excuses before? Or do you have your own?

If cost is holding you back, here are 7 reasons that will persuade you to pull the trigger on hiring a golf coach to help develop your child’s golf skills.

Resource: Golf Practice System with Step by Step Practice Plans + Video Lessons

7 Reasons to Hire a Golf Coach

Your Golf Coach will notice flaws that you were unaware of

Golf instructors are trained to spot swing flaws for a living. They deal weekly with numerous golfers of all skill levels help to identify problems and provide solutions. Your child’s golf coach will be able to identify weak areas and provide golf drills that can improve skill.

If your child is a beginner, odds are they have a slice or hook in their golf swing that needs worked out by seeing the golf trainer for weekly swing lessons. They’ll also get help with ball striking to stop the chunked and topped golf swings.

If they’re struggling with putting or chipping, the golf coach can analyze their stroke and tell them what to work on. Overtime they’ll go through a progression of corrections until they’ve built your child’s fundamentals up to a high level, helping them excel in their age group.

All great golfers have a coach

The best pro golfers in the world, including Tiger Woods, have a coach or golf instructor. If it was not necessary to have a trainer, the pro golfers would not have hired trainers and coaches. A golf trainer will help you achieve swing consistency and assist in improving your overall game.

Golf coaches give the player mental toughness, knowing they have an experienced trainer supporting them. If the golfer needs to have something corrected or an answer to a question, they’ve got the coach to turn to for answers which brings comfort to the player.

They will design custom training plans for your child

A golf swing trainer can create tailor-made swing drills specific to your child’s golf swing needs. A trainer will identify those areas you perform poorly (golf swing, putting, chipping, etc.) and suggest the best golf practice routines to improve them. They can help you identify the areas where your child needs the most improvement so you don’t waste time trying to figure it out on your own.

Injured golfers could also do with the help of a swing trainer. For instance, if a golfer sustained injuries during the season and decides to train during the off season in preparation for the next season he/she will need a trainer.

The trainer will be able to pattern the swing training or practice to suit you so you don’t put pressure on the muscles or areas that are yet to heal properly.

I had this happen my junior season in high school, tearing a ligament in my wrist. I had to go through physical therapy to rebuild muscle strength and golf movement to avoid re-injury. I got great drills from my instructor to help me come back from injury.

Resource: Golf Practice System with Step by Step Practice Plans + Video Lessons

Your child needs an expert’s professional advice

Golf swing coaches understand that every golfer is unique and has a different swing. You do not need to be scared that a golf swing trainer will make your child’s swing just like him. He only has to guide your child on how to discover the golfer within himself/herself.

If your child has questions, they need this expert to turn to for the proper advice/answers/solutions.

Golf coaches can save your child time and struggle

Trying to go to the driving range and self-discover your swing flaw is a very difficult thing to do. It could take days or weeks of hitting balls and analyzing before discovering the flaw. Often times, beginners will diagnose their golf problem incorrectly making the situation worse!

With a golf lesson, you can have answers in 30 minutes or less. Most lessons run 30-45 minutes and cost $40 if you’d like to start there before hiring a personal golf coach for your child.

Golf coaches have nice training facilities

The top golf trainers in the world work at amazing training facilities. Players can travel to the facilities for private lessons, working on skills they wouldn’t be able to practice at your average golf course. Private training facilities are more expensive than just getting basic swing lessons, but the money is well spent.

It can start around $60 and escalate above $100 depending on the private facility the golf coach uses. My brother, Mike Foy PGA started his Mikes Golf Center facility to offer a place kids and parents can improve their skills indoors year round.

Once your child gets to college on a golf scholarship, they’ll have access to premium facilities again to train. But can they really afford to wait until then?

Starting them young and getting them used to premium facilities and golf instruction can elevate their golf skills above their peer group.

Similar to students in school who take advanced classes while their peers remain in the lower level classrooms. Those taking advanced classes will be well prepared for the next level when they get to college.

Same with golf!

Golf coaches are accountability partners

This is probably the most important reason for hiring a golf coach for your child and why we saved it for last.

A golf coach is an accountability partner for your child, meaning they will make sure your child puts in the work from week to week or else it will show the next time they meet.

If your child is competitive and wants to play college golf, they’ll have self drive. Adding in a golf coach will further accelerate their progress because they’ll push themselves to improve in hopes of impressing their golf coach and meeting the demands the coach has for the player.

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