nike golf shoe review

Nike Golf Air Zoom Precision Golf Shoe Review

Nike has some unique technology in the new Zoom Air shoes. The first thing to note is the Nike Flight Plate which is meant to assist and maximize the responsiveness of Nike’s Zoom Air Technology.

In simple terms, you’ll notice better traction from the outsole of the shoe to enhance grip and help your remain stable during the golf swing.

The upper sole of this Nike golf shoe is built with premium leather that is waterproof to keep your feet dry. The interior is also a comfortable fit.

There is foam backed synthetic rand cups which support the foot laterally and then under the foot is an 8mm fitsole sockliner adding extra cushion to the bottom side of the foot.

This soft, foam feel will keep you comfortable during a long round of golf as feet can tend to get sore and tired from all the standing and walking on a golf course.

Lastly, the outsole is a hybrid design and features integrated traction under the ball of the foot. You also get access to spikes that are removable around the heel and sides of the shoe. These are CHAMP Zarma Tour golf spikes which have a twist and lock system.

The big marketing feature about the Nike Zoom Air shoe is it’s exceptional traction. Keep this in mind but don’t forget the comfort and fit these shoes provide your foot when trying on a pair.


  • Flywire Technology – eliminates space between foot and shoe to give better support and feel
  • Champ Zarma Tri-Lock Spikes – twist and lock spikes that provide better traction for your foot on wet grass and powerful swings
  • One piece locking ring – helps to prevent dirt and debris from getting stuck in the golf shoe which also makes it easier on yu to remove and change out spikes

Overall, the Air Zoom won’t disappoint when it comes to design and technology. It’s built by one of the most famous footwear brands in the world, carrying the company’s legacy even further. The Air Zoom Golf Shoes come with waterproof construction, removable spikes for versatility and cushioning for added comfort.

Nike Air Zoom Golf Shoe Price

Most golf shoes can run anywhere from $60 to $300. These are affordable on the lower end of the budget scale. Since prices change often due to age or newer shoes hitting the market, check the link below to see how these currently price on Amazon.

Check the price of the Nike Air Zoom Precision Golf Shoe

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