2019 Callaway Big Bertha Irons Review

2019 Callaway Big Bertha Irons Set Review

Callaway is an iconic name in the golf equipment space producing some of the most popular golf drivers, iron sets, and their Odyssey putter line.

One of Callaway’s signature iron sets is the Big Bertha Iron brand which over the years has been a top seller across the golf iron market.

Big Bertha golf irons are built for distance and they love to push the boundaries when it comes to innovation to create a high performance golf iron.

The 2019 Big Bertha Iron Set that launched recently, is no different. In fact it features many upgrades you’ll enjoy.


  • 360 Face Cup Technology
  • Suspended Energy Core
  • Clean, smoked black PVD finish
  • Easy launch, amazing sound and feel, plus incredible distance


big bertha iron callaway

Suspended Energy Core

The Suspended Energy Core is a brand new club head construction never done before in a golf iron. The design of the core helps these irons generate higher launch with ease while sounding and feeling incredible. You’ll also love the consistent, long distance you get out of these golf irons.

  • Easy Launch
  • Increased Distance
  • Incredible Sound and Feel

big bertha 2019 iron

How did Callaway achieve this?

First, they created a Metal Injection Molded (MIM’d) Tungsten Floating Weight suspended within Callaway’s proprietary urethane microsphere material.

By suspending the floating weight, it allowed Callaway engineers to properly position the Center of Gravity deeper in the iron club heads, using a 3-piece iron construction.

With a deeper center of grabity, the 2019 Big Bertha Irons can launch the golf ball higher to create those high trajectory golf shots that land softer on the greens. This higher launching golf shot also achieves longer distances as the ball carries farther in the air.

Additionally, the Callaway 2019 Big Bertha Irons feature a faster and thinner Face Cup construction. This technology also aids in the irons ability to launch the golf ball higher and farther in a perfect combination.

Callaway Jailbreak Technology Combines with Adjustability

Callaway started off placing jailbreak technology in their drivers but in 2019, you can also find it in their iron sets which is a huge advantage over other iron brands on the market.

If you’re not familiar with jailbreak technology, it’s “jail bars” placed strategically behind the clubface to add support that allows better energy transfer when face meets ball at impact, thus farther distances.

Not only do the Big Bertha 2019 Irons have this technology but they also were able to combine it with adjustability to make it even more dynamic of a feature.

This groundbreaking combination now offers golfers Jailbreak ball speeds AND adjustability for easy launch on golf shots.

Other Features These Golf Irons Offer

Wider Sole

The other features you’ll notice about the Big Bertha 2019 Irons is they have wider soles which is actually helpful as it allows for a little extra margin of error. When soles are super think like blade irons, they can be less forgiving.

Increased Off-Sets

When looking down at the irons, you’ll notice each iron has increased offsets but not enough to bother you. The overall design, color, and look of the irons is appealing and should add confidence when swinging them.

Stock Steel Shaft

These irons come with the stock Recoil ESX steel shafts, but you can upgrade for about $100 to get them in the lighter ZT9 graphite shafts. Graphite shafts are more expensive thus the price increase.

Who Are the 2019 Callaway Big Bertha Irons for?

These golf irons are suitable for all skill levels of players but we’d recommend them for mid-handicappers and lower handicap golfers. They’re built with tour level quality and features making them perform best for those who have a decent golf swing already in their game.

Most beginners wouldn’t see as much benefit hitting these irons as compared to a cheap beginner set.

Once you get your swing flaws worked out, we believe you’ll enjoy the added benefits of these irons being more forgiving from high launch while producing far distances and great controllability.

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How Much Do 2019 Callaway Big Bertha Irons Cost?

Depending on which golf store you shop, you may be able to find this iron set cheaper. But currently it’s retailing around $750 which isn’t that bad honestly for a professional, beautifully designed set like the Blacked Out Bertha Irons.

Most used iron sets run between $400 to $600 while new sets can run $750 to $900. Right now Amazon has this iron set for sale you can check out.

See how much Big Bertha Irons Cost on Amazon

Should You Buy These Golf Irons?

The goal with the 2019 Callaway Big Bertha golf irons was to create a faster fast while also better positioning the center of gravity for high launch.

After testing them out at a demo day, I would agree that they definitely achieved this. My usual Titleist irons struggle to get launch but I realized how much they struggle after seeing the ease I was hitting balls higher with the Big Bertha Irons.

I also loved the feel of these irons when making contact with the ball. It definitely felt like I was hitting with more power and I did feel feedback on mishit shots which was validated once I watched the final outcome of the ball flight and distance.

Overall, I found them pretty easy to hit which is why I would recommend them for golfers of all skill levels, not just advanced players. I think if beginners can afford the price tag, then this could be a solid iron set to buy for golf season.

Check out the specs and pricing here on Amazon

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