nike lunar 2 golf shoe review

Nike Lunar Command 2 Golf Shoe Review

nike lunar command golf shoes

Due to its high performance, Nike Lunar Command 2 has been used by loads of Nike’s PGA tour players who enjoy everything in the shoe starting from comfort to traction.

Lunar Command 2 golf shoe features the Flywire technology providing an interesting visual detail. It is a conservative looking shoe with a simple design suitable for everyday golfing. Let’s get into the review.

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Golf Shoe Comfort

The comfort of Nike Lunar Command 2 starts with the midsole which offers the perfect balance between soft and firm. Its squishiness absorbs shock, and the firmness keeps you connected to the ground. It also comes with ample padding around the heel for increased comfort and supple leather uppers that ensures you stay focus on the game.

Shoe Traction

Lunar Command 2 comes with seven removable spikes with an aggressive pattern in the sole giving you a stable base to pull out an incredible swing.

You are guaranteed a stable swing without sliding. The cleats and the sole are designed with Champ Spikes which has a slight swirl to the lugs. It has a very flexible rubber sole for added traction and comfort.


The shoe is made with a waterproof material keeping your feet dry all the time even if you stand on water. It also comes with a one-year waterproof warranty.

Golf Shoe Fit

If you haven’t had a shoe with Boa before then, you should try the Lunar Command 2 golf shoe. These are stainless-steel laces which are controlled by the dial on the tongue for a superior fit.

With Boa the shoe tightens perfectly and uniformly across your foot by only twisting the dial. You don’t have to trouble yourself with pulling your laces tight at the expense of the comfort of your foot.

A single click moves the laces a few millimeters giving you a perfect fit and an even distribution of pleasure across the top of the shoe.

You also don’t have to worry about your shoe getting loose or the laces untying during a golf round. Shoes with Boa shoelaces will make your life simple with the ease, comfort and precision.

Nike Lunar Shoe Price

Nike Lunar Command 2 goes at a price of $135 with an additional $20 for shoes that come with Boa, and that’s an amazing value considering all the features and the performance.

Nike Lunar Command 2 ensures maximum comfort, waterproof protection and an excellent grip. Every golfer will be delighted by the Boa fitting system which has made these beautiful shoes even great. With these shoes, you’re not only working on improving your game but your looks as well.

Check the Price of the Nike Lunar Command 2 Golf Shoes

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