taylormade p760 irons review

TaylorMade P760 Irons Review

TaylorMade’s P700 series has received good reception among pro and amateur golfers. TaylorMade has always been keen on what golf players want in when making their accessories. With that, they always know when to introduce new technology and design to the market.

Their latest model in the P700 series is the brand new forged P760. The new iron comes with player needs in mind with improved features and the best technology.

The Construction

The P760 Irons come with a shaft material made of 1025 carbon steel which offers a precise shaping and a soft feel.

They are designed with an extra stiff flex as well as a standard lie angle and length. They also have the new, lighter, and thinner SUS630 face and feature an Inverted Cone Technology which adds accuracy, playability, and speed.

The P760 Irons are made with SpeedFoam feature which supports a thinner face for higher ball speed. The mid and long irons will impress you with their consistence performance.

These irons are available in 3-7 irons that provide excellent distance and a soft feel. This does not, in any way; tamper with the irons’ consistency, look, and workability.

If you are a pro or single-digit player, the P760 clubs are the ultimate choice. These irons incorporate a progressive nature and a game-improvement aspect.

The offset, blade length, and top-line width are made with a progressive form. As the irons get longer, the hosel lengths become shorter, lowering the center of gravity to aid lower lofted clubs which intern launch higher shots.

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With a SpeedFoam filled technology, hollow cavity, P760 features a construction similar to the P790 irons.

Although its face is not as thin as the forged 4140, the p760 has a leading-edge chamfered sole geometry giving a square look at address and an improved turf interaction.

The irons also have a feel that is similar to P750 irons, but they have more stability, which makes them a bit easier to hit. As a result of the SpeedFoam fill, the top line is slightly thicker, making it similar to the Titleist AP3.


  • The P760 (3-7) irons have hollow cavity construction filled with foam for sound improvement. It offers support to the thin SUS630 face hence produce a consistence distance, more forgiveness, and increased ball speed.
  • They have an exceptional feel and enhanced shot-making ability.
  • The offset, lofts, and head size of the irons are designed to enable elite players to make precise shots.

SpeedFoam Technology

The P760 3-7 irons club head are injected with the SpeedFoam technology which was first introduced in the P790 irons.

The technology functions well to dampen vibrations to produce an optimal sound and feel while generating high ball speed. The P760’s sound that is improved to the P790 irons.

Varying amounts of the foam are injected in each iron’s toe through a port in a carefully graduated manner.

The filling of this foam is different in the long and middle irons. When it comes to speed and forgiveness, the long irons take the crown.

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The pricing of the TaylorMade P760 irons is a bit on the higher side, but they are perfect for low single figure players who desire more forgiveness and speed.

These irons keep the consistent, compact shape and thinner top lines preferred by most golf players. TaylorMade intends to provide players with a set of irons that offer more forgiveness without sacrificing playability.

According to TaylorMade, the P760 irons are designed for Tour-level competition with all the desirable features.

Their progressive shot shaping nature gives more compact and precise short irons. The longer irons feature a hollow construction with revolutionary SpeedFoam.

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