Odyssey O-Works #7S Putter Review


Odyssey O-Works #7S Putter Review

Odyssey has quite the fleet of putter options in their O-Works line and overall as a putter manufacturer. Odyssey is owned by Callaway Golf which is one of the top golf companies in the club equipment space and especially known for their driver production (See the new Callaway Epic Flash)

Today we will review the #7-S Putter in the O-Works Series. It’s very similar to the #7 regular so we will break down the features as well as what makes it different.

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Features of the Odyssey O-Works #7S Putter

Microhinge Technology for Pure Roll

Starting off, the Odyssey 7S Putter features the new microhinge face insert Odyssey has come out with in their new line of O-works putters.

It changes the way your ball rolls off the face to give it more topspin which increases the smoothness of roll so your putts don’t jump and bounce after making contact with the face. This helps start putts on line thanks to the truer roll.

Odyssey co-molded the microhinge insert with their thermoplastic elastomer feel layer so that the putter face gives back feel in your putts to help you make adjustments and improve.

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Putter Head Shape

The O-works 7S putter is crafted with a rectangular blade style putter head that has two fangs coming off the back which turns it into a face-balanced mallet putter.

These fangs make the putter head easy to control by helping it maintain great balance.

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Shaft Bend

What differentiates the 7S from the original #7 is that on the #7, the shaft doubled bends. But on the O-Works 7S, the shaft comes out of the putter head at more of a slant.

Odyssey designed the slanted neck to provide more toe hang which has become a popular request on tour for golf pros. This extra toe hang, helps promote more arc in their swing.

This really comes down to preference however. If you like the idea of keeping your putting stroke straight back and straight through with very minimal arc in the swing, then the original O-Works #7 is probably the better choice.

But if you want to compensate for a little arc in your stroke, then you may benefit more from the slanted neck in the 7S putter.

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Different Alignment Lines in RH and LH

On the top edge of the putter, you’ll notice alignment aids at address but depending on your “handed-ness” these alignment designs can vary.

For right handed putters, your O-Works #7S model will feature three dots in a line to mark where to align the ball center of the putter face. Left handed putters will have their putter feature a solid alignment line.

On the fangs you’ll also enjoy the white stripe lines, like on the Red O-Works #7S model to help you visually take your putting stroke straight back during the stroke. More importantly they also help you vision the line you want to start your putts on during address.

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Sound & Feel

With the new face insert in the O-Works 7S, Odyssey was able to appease most golfers looking for an increase in feel. The microhinge technology makes this putter face feel softer and a more muted “tock” sound as the ball comes off the face. This differs from the metal inserts which have a more “ting” sound and feel harder at impact.

After hitting several putts from long distance, I was able to get a sense of what putts I left short, long, or stroked just right. The feedback and feel is my favorite part of the #7S putter aside from the sweet paint design look Odyssey gave their red series.

Odyssey’s Promise

Odyssey promises that each putter is designed with the utmost importance on quality and durability. They claim to rarely have putters returned for defects but in the even you find a defect within a two year period from time of purchase, you can submit the putter back to Odyssey for replacement.

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