Ping G410 Cross Over – Hybrid Iron Review

Ping G410 Cross Over – Hybrid Iron Review

ping g410 crossover

Before the G410 Crossover, Ping first came out with the original Crossover which is a hybrid style iron that bridges the gap between your long irons and your hybrid golf clubs.

The original crossover looked more like a hybrid, however the new G410 Crossover definitely gives off more of an iron appearance upon first glance.

The Ping 410 Crossover is made out of stainless steel and Ping added a strong maraging steel face insert which helps maximize ball speeds.

Since the head of the Crossover golf club is hollow inside, Ping added ribbed bars to connect the crown and sole helping to stiffen the golf club. This produces added benefits to the sound, feel, and performance of the club.

ping crossover review

We noted above that the original cross over was more a hybrid style design but the new G410 Crossover has more of an iron design to it. To achieve this Ping made the clubhead smaller or 0.25 inches shorter than the G400 Crossover.

The G410 clubhead size is 6.3mm. It also has a thinner top line so as you look down at the club at address it appears more like an iron.

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The toe of the club features a tungsten weight and this weight is twice the size of the one found in the G400 Crossover.

Placing the tungsten weight in the toe helps Ping move the center of gravity towards the center of the club to help it become more forgiving like a hybrid. It reduces the amount of twist the face does to help balls flight straighter.

The finish is Hydropearl which Ping has been using on their iron sets as well like the recent Ping G410 Iron Set.

You’ll also find a Ping Alta CB shaft in the new G410 Crossover. It’s counterbalanced which helps improve accuracy and increases clubhead speeds. Counterbalanced simply means more weight is moved towards the grip end of the shaft.

Who is the Ping 410 Cross Over For?

If you have a faster swing speed and are comfortable hitting irons as opposed to hybrids then the Ping 410 Crossover could be for you.

Remember it has a smaller head as compared with the G400 Crossover and compared to the G410 Hybrid so you must be comfortable playing a smaller, less forgiving head for this club to work for you.

The launch will be lower with this iron style club as opposed to the G410 hybrid so that is another factor to consider if you need higher launch for getting more distance out of your golf clubs.

It was originally designed for more advanced players and to attract the attention of tour players.

How Much Does the Ping G410 Crossover Cost?

You can always check Amazon to see if they have it available at a discounted price but most golf retail stores are starting the club above $200. Things can change and its price may be reduced by the time you’re reading this. It comes available in all 10 Ping Dot Colors.

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