Is Shadow Creek Course Worth the Money? (Las Vegas Golf Review)

The Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas is one of the most famous courses and one of the most memorable if you get the chance to play it. Is it worth the money to play it? We think so. And so do famous PGA Tour Pro’s.

Recently it was used to host the Thanksgiving Week match between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. Phil won in extra holes against Tiger taking home the $9 million prize.

This golf course is a true gem, hidden among massive trees in the northern region of Sin City, Las Vegas.

It’s an expensive course to play which keeps it exclusive and it’s only accessible by a privileged few. However, if you are a guest of the MGM resort hotel in Las Vegas, then you also get access to play the Shadow Creek Golf Course.

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How Much Does It Cost to Play Shadow Creek?

The green fee will set you back $500 per golfer on Monday through Thursday. Friday through Sunday is reserved for private members and invited guests only.

Therefore, make sure to plan your golf vacation around the weekdays so you can get a chance to stop by Shadow Creek and experience a once in a lifetime golf course.

Included in your green fee is a caddie and round trip limo transportation from the MGM Resort Hotel. But you’ll be responsible for paying the limo driver and caddie a tip.

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How to Get Access to Shadow Creek as an MGM Resort Guest?

Only two golfers can stay per room to earn access to a tee time reservation on the Shadow Creek Golf Course.

For example, a group of 8 friends would have to book 4 hotel rooms in order for all 8 friends to gain access to tee time reservations.

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Why Golfers Love Shadow Creek – Review

Shadow Creek was designed by Tom Fazio and was originally built by Steve Wynn in 1989. Golfers who play it give raving reviews with much praise towards its subtle elegance and natural realism.

Personally, I believe most love this golf course because of it’s exclusivity. It’s a common golf course for many celebrities like Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Movie Stars, and Musicians.

Previously, the course was only available to guests of Steve Wynn or VIP guests of the Mirage Hotel & Casino, making it one of the most exclusive tee times in the world.

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It also was one of the most expensive golf courses at one time with a reported $47 million cost.

They turned 350 acres of desert into a master piece after infusing millions in capital towards renovations and improvements.

Fazio manipulated the land and created hills & canyons where none existed previously on the flat desert.

Tons of water was pumped in, now giving it a creek and hence its name Shadow Creek.

Lots of trees surround the golf course making you feel as if you’re in the middle of Georgia and not 15 minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip in the desert.

Inside the locker room features old-school lockers where you’ll find famous names like George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Wayne Gretzky, and a sorta famous basketball named Michael Jordan.

Overall, you’ll love the scenery. The mix of trees, plants, water, stones, and gorgeous mountain views will leave you breathless as if you’re in a dream while playing a round of golf at Shadow Creek.

The exclusivity and famous vibe it throws off from all the celebrities who frequent this golf course will have you feeling like you’re part of this exclusive group.

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