Callaway Women’s XR 16 Driver Review


Callaway Women’s XR 16 Driver Review

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Wouldn’t it be nice to find a driver that is FAST and built for women’s golf swings? That’s the goal that Callaway had in mind when creating the Callaway XR 16 Women’s Driver.

Not only did they work to improve the speed of the driver but they took it a step further to make sure the XR 16 driver is also forgiving.

This is a huge benefit when you struggle to find your swing some days on the golf course or slightly mishit off the face. Adding forgiveness can keep more balls in the fairway and help you avoid large losses in distance from mishits.

Callaway analyzed hundreds of golf swings from women players to learn what tendencies women face in their swing and then they partnered with Boeing to improve the aerodynamics of the club’s head shape.

They came up with a Speed Step design that added better airflow around the club head and hosel which increased speed of the driver.

Adding in a few additional features like the R Moto Face and a lightweight Bassara shaft, you’ll love the overall feel and performance of the Callaway XR 16 women’s golf driver.

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Review of the Callaway XR 16 Driver for Women

Loft Options

The Callaway XR 16 driver offers mutliple loft options. Standard is 10.5 degrees which has adjustability between 9.5 and 12.5 degrees.

You can also buy the 13.5 degrees driver model which is recommended if you need higher ball flight as this additional loft will help you launch your drives higher and farther. It has adjustability of 12.5 degrees to 15.5 degrees.

Shaft Length

The shaft length is 44.75 inches and it’s a light weight shaft which makes the club feel lighter in your hands so you can swing your driver faster. Generating more speed will help you hit the ball further so thank Callaway for this amazing feature.

If you prefer heavier driver golf shafts, you can switch out the light weight Bassara shaft for a Mitsubishi. Shaft weights are measured in grams and range from 50 to 75 grams so pick your preference!

Driver Head Specs

The driver head on the Callaway XR 16 is 460 CC which stands for “cubic centimeters” and this measures volume. In 460 is the largest clubhead volume allowed currently according to USGA rules so you’re getting a large club head with a big sweet spot!

Larger club heads tend to be more forgiving and also increase a golfers confidence because you know you have a bigger club head to hit the small white ball with as compared to an iron which has a small club head.

The clubhead is adjustable at the hosel if you decide to change loft or adjust for a draw/fade bias to counter your golf swing tendencies.


Our lady tester found that the XR 16 Driver had solid performance which is expected of a premium brand like Callaway. Distances were up  as compared to higher end Callaway driver models but forgiveness was the big stand out factor she noticed.

Compared to other tour level and expensive model drivers, the XR 16 showed more forgiveness and seemed better suited for beginners as a result. It gives up a little distance and club head speed but I think you’ll take the improved accuracy over a few yards instead.

Sound & Feel

The driver gives off a semi muted sound which makes it appealing. Some drivers give annoying high pitched “tings” that can bother your ears after using them repeatedly on the driving range.

The sound and feel also give a solid feel overall helping you know when you smashed a drive square as well as some feedback on mishits.

But the forgiveness factor is noticeable because some drives feel like you mishit them based on feedback from the face yet the ball flight stays on course pretty well.

Overall Grade

After seeing our female tester hit this driver and learning about the specs, we would recommend this driver to mid-handicappers and high handicap golfers. It’s an ideal starter driver for new players as well.

You’ll find the speed improvements Callaway made very beneficial as you learn to increase your swing speed from swing improvements you make in your practice sessions. Once you build a solid golf swing, you should notice similar clubhead speeds to other high end drivers.

Overall, enjoy the distance and forgiveness as well as the comfortable feeling swinging this driver like you’re in control.

Check out the XR 16 Driver on Amazon here 

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How Much Does the XR 16 Driver Cost?

The price is subject to change each year as different Callaway drivers are released but currently you can find it on Amazon for around $200 but this could be less by the time you’re reading it.

The best solution is to click the link below to check the current price. We recommend buying new vs used to ensure quality but used drivers can also save you additional money.

Check the price of the XR 16 Driver on Amazon

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