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Wilson Velocity HDX Women’s Golf Club Review

Whether you are a beginner or a professional golfer, there are many things that you should consider before purchasing a golf club. You should try to find out if the golf club is sturdy enough, light enough, and easy to control for accuracy.

With all these in mind, the Velocity HDX Women’s Golf Club from Wilson is a great option for both professionals and beginners alike. Below we will briefly review the Velocity HDX Women’s Golf Set and why it’s a fit.

Why The Velocity HDX Women’s Golf Clubs?

  • Low Center of Gravity
  • Deep Undercut Cavity
  • Lightweight and Low Torque

Low Center of Gravity

The Wilson HDX Women’s Golf Iron Set has a lower center of gravity. The golf club also has a wider face. These two features will allow you to have more control over your club which will help you cover longer distances faster. It’s a great feature, especially for those who are learning the ropes.

Deep Undercut Cavity

This Wilson club has a deep undercut cavity type. This form of golf iron allows the weight to be distributed evenly. By having this feature, it will help you correct your form and swing.

It will also allow you to have a larger sweet spot which makes hitting the golf ball much easier with a smoother swing. The club is iron cast to Wilson’s standard so you’ll be sure that it will last long.

Lightweight and Low Torque

There are plenty of shaft options out there. This Wilson golf club is lightweight and has a low torque shaft.  It gives the golfer more control and accuracy over each shot.

It’s definitely great for women and beginners. Overall, this golf club is a good choice for those who are just starting out or for those who want to improve their form and shots.

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Q&A Section

How do I know what type of shaft should to use?

There are plenty of things you must consider before choosing the type of shaft to use. You should research on the material used, its flexibility, length, torque, and weight.

Sometimes, however, all the information you get can be overwhelming. If it gets too confusing, make sure to approach someone who has been playing for years to help you. You can also scan through guides online.

Which is the better choice, cast or forged irons?

There are two ways to make irons and that’s casted and forged. Forged irons are typically easier to adjust than casted ones; however, forming a cavity from this type is not possible. That is why you will find that forged irons have a blade design. It’s typically used by those who have been playing for a long time because this design has a smaller sweet spot.

Most of the time you will see casted iron clubs with cavity design. This is because this type of fabrication allows more flexibility and the forming of odd shapes. A casted iron may not be as durable as forged one but this one will allow the club to have a larger sweet spot and wider face.  It may also a bit harder to adjust to your specifications.

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