Who Is The Best Wedge Player on the PGA Tour

PGA Tour players conjure up magical chip shots that leave spectators in awe.

Those are the shots that they show over and over again on tv, but in reality the stats give a true reflection of what really happens out on the course.

Phil Mickelson always gets shown getting up and down from some outrageous spots on the course, but in reality Phil’s scrambling average is 60%.

One of the most memorable chip shots of recent years has to be the shot that Tiger Woods holed at the Masters in 2005.

That shot gets shown over and over in highlights packages during PGA tournaments on TV.

In today’s guide, we take a closer look to see who the best wedge players are on the PGA Tour using data from the 2023 Golf Season according to the PGA Tour’s website.

To determine who is the best wedge player, let’s look at different statistics tied to the short game.

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2023 Short Game Statistics of PGA Tour Players

Here’s 5 chipping statistics that will give a more accurate portrayal of how good the pros really are at getting the ball up and down when they miss a green in regulation.

  • Overall scrambling
  • Scrambling from the rough
  • Scrambling from the fringe
  • Proximity to hole from rough
  • Proximity to hole from fringe
PGA Tour Stats 20231st75th150th
1. Overall scramblingBrian Harman 67.36%Nick Taylor 60%Tyler Duncan 56.80%
2. Scrambling from the roughJonathan Byrd 67.94%Trey Mullinax 57.14%Dylan Wu 51.9%
3. Scrambling from the fringeJason Day 100%Webb Simpson 92.86%Adam Scott 86.36%
4. Proximity to hole from roughScottie Scheffler 6’7”Kevin Chappell 8’6”Davis Thompson 9’4”
5. Proximity to hole from fringeSatoshi Kodaira 1’6”Keegan Bradley 2’10”Brice Garnett 3’5”

Overall scrambling

Overall scrambling refers to the average percentage of times that a player got up and down from a number of different positions.

This stat is a good indicator of what amateur golfers should strive towards with regards to their chipping in general.

For instance a good goal to set before a round would be to get up and down on at least half of the holes where you don’t hit the green in regulation.

Some days might be tougher than others to achieve this depending on where you missed the green, but in general 50% up and downs made is a good rule of thumb.

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Scrambling from the rough

The rough can at times be a very rough experience for some golfers, especially for high handicap players that don’t spend time practicing their short games.

It is important to realize that the best players in the world don’t always get it up and down from the rough either.

By looking at these stats it will be much easier for you as an amateur golfer to set realistic expectations for yourself.

Scrambling from the fringe

Looking at all of these statistics can be boring and confusing, but it is very important to take a close look at this particular stat.

Jason Day has a 100% record of getting the ball up and down when chipping from the fringe, in total during the season.

Chipping out of the rough or hitting a crazy lob shot might be more fun and rewarding if you pull it off, but at the end of the day it’s essential to realize the importance of the boring chip shots from around the green.

Realizing the importance is the first step to lower scoring, but ultimately you have to practice these shots on a regular basis.

Proximity to hole from rough

Chipping out of the rough is demanding, even for the best players in the world. Dustin Johnson ranked 150th in this stat with an average proximity to the hole of 8’6” while he was world #1 in the Official Golf Player Rankings during the 2017 season.

The leader in this category gets the ball 2 feet closer to the hole on average, but still leaving yourself with a 6 footer for par can be very intimidating.

Realizing that it is difficult to control the ball when chipping out of the rough will allow you to not be too hard on yourself when you don’t get the ball up and down.

Golf is difficult and frustrating at the best of times, giving yourself a breather every now and again can only improve your scores.

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Proximity to hole from fringe

Earlier we saw why the PGA Tour’s slogan of “These guys are good” is very applicable.

Jason Day got up and down 100% of the time when chipping from the fringe, the following stat is just as impressive.

Satoshi Kodaira’s average proximity to the hole when chipping from the fringe was 1’6”.

In golf it is important to do the basic things well, like a basic chip shot from the fringe, next time you go and practice use these stats as motivation to work on those stock standard chip shots.

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