Wilson Staff Infinite Putter Review (Easy to Putt With)

Wilson Staff Infinite Putter Review

Looking to buy a new putter? Below in this review we will share input on the Wilson Staff Infinite Putter and I also share a golf drill to help you break in the new putter and put it to use on the practice green getting better at putting. Find the video below.

So why the Wilson Staff Infinite Putter?

The Wilson Staff Infinite Putter got it’s fame after seeing Padraig Harrington adopt it into his golf bag. What makes it different from most putters is the weight balance is more in the hands of the putter.

This increases the Moment of Inertia as well. It adds an advantage for most beginner players who struggle to control the face because it keeps the putter more stable.

CNC Milled Putter Face

The face of the Infinite Putter is milled with a special CNC milled face pattern that Wilson found beneficial to beginners by creating consistency for distance control and roll consistency.

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Alignment Aids on the Putter Head

We really like the fact Wilson added three white lines on the back head of the putter to help golfers with alignment. They run horizontal to the putter face and are centered near the center of the face.

You can use the middle line to match with your golf ball line and the two additional lines help you learn how centered the ball actually is which is an added benefit most putter alignment aids don’t offer.

The width between the top and bottom white lines is about a golf balls width.

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Wilson Infinite Putter Options:

You can choose from multiple versions of the Infinite putter here on Amazon. Depending on your style preference of mallet vs blade putters and different versions of each like putters with fangs or putter designs with rounded backs.

The current list is:

  • Bucktown
  • The Bean
  • Windy City
  • Grant Park
  • Michigan Ave
  • South Side
  • West Loop

How Much Does the Wilson Infinite Putter Cost?

Right now they range between $89 and $149 on Amazon. Most of the putters cost under $100 making it one of the more affordable, quality golf putters on the market.

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How to Practice with Your New Putter

Here are some golf practice plans we designed that have helped thousands of golfers. Check out one that fits, follow it and fill out the worksheets. You’ll see results!

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Work hard,

Nick Foy, Instructor

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