Golf Practice Routine: How to Spend Time at Golf Course

Golf practice sessions are important and compound together, laying a strong foundation in your golf game. The more you practice golf, the better you should get!

But there also comes the question of what is an effective golf practice routine? What drills should you practice? How long should you practice for?

Let’s dive into today’s quick golf practice routine we think beginners, mid-handicappers, and low handicap golfers all should benefit from!

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Simple Golf Practice Routine

Driving Range Warm Up:

Start off completing the following routine:

  • Hit 3 shots with your 7 iron
  • Hit 3 shots with your 9 iron
  • Hit 3 shots with your 5 iron
  • Hit 3 shots with your fairway wood
  • Hit 3 drivers
  • Use remaining balls to work on short irons and wedges

Putting Routine:

  • Make 25 putts from 3 feet
  • Make 10 breaking putts from 5 feet
  • Make 10 breaking putts from 7 feet
  • Make 5 breaking putts from 10 feet
  • Make 3 putts from 15 feet
  • Hit 10 putts from 30 feet to within 3 feet of hole
  • Hit 10 putts from 50 feet to within 3 feet of hole
  • Hit 5 putts from 40 feet to within 3 feet of hole

Chipping Routine:

  • Hit 25 low chip shots with a pitching wedge (bump & run practice)
  • Hit 25 mid-trajectory chips with your sand wedge / 54 degree wedge
  • Hit 25 high flop shots with a higher lofted wedge
  • End practice with 3 chip ins

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Alternative Driving Range Practice Routines

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