45 Minute Driving Range Practice Template

Golf Driving Range Practice Routine: Mastering Your Long Game

A focused practice routine at the driving range can significantly enhance your golf driving skills. Use this structured practice plan to improve your distance, accuracy, and consistency off the tee.

Warm-Up (5 minutes):

– Begin with a few minutes of light jogging or brisk walking to get your blood flowing.
– Perform dynamic stretches to loosen up your muscles, focusing on your shoulders, hips, and core.
– Swing a mid-iron or hybrid club to establish your rhythm and warm up your swing.

Resource: How to Break 80 in Golf (Training Program)

Session Structure (45 minutes):

1. Initial Shots (10 minutes):
– Start by hitting a few shots with a shorter iron, like a 7-iron, to find your tempo and groove.

2. Club Progression (15 minutes):
– Begin with your shorter irons (8-iron, 9-iron) to work on your swing mechanics and ball-striking.
– Gradually progress to mid-irons (6-iron, 5-iron) to practice generating power while maintaining control.

3. Hybrids and Fairway Woods (10 minutes):
– Shift your focus to hitting hybrids and fairway woods to improve your launch angle and accuracy off the tee.

4. Driver (10 minutes):
– Spend the final 10 minutes working on your driver. Focus on achieving a balanced setup and generating power from your hips and core.

Resource: How to Break 80 in Golf (Training Program)

Drill Time (15 minutes):

5. Alignment and Target Focus (5 minutes):
– Set up alignment sticks or markers to ensure your clubface and body are aligned with your target.

6. Target Zones (5 minutes):
– Choose different target zones on the range and aim for specific landing areas to improve accuracy.

7. Distance Control (5 minutes):
– Select a specific target and work on hitting shots of different distances while maintaining control.

Visualization and Mental Focus (10 minutes):

8. Course Simulation (5 minutes):
– Imagine yourself on a specific hole of a golf course.
– Visualize the fairway, your target, and the shot trajectory you want to achieve.

9. Positive Affirmations (5 minutes):
– Practice positive self-talk to boost your confidence and focus. Remind yourself of your strengths and successful shots.

Resource: How to Break 80 in Golf (Training Program)

Cool-Down (5 minutes):

– End your practice session with a few minutes of static stretches to maintain flexibility.
– Reflect on your practice session and jot down any observations or areas for improvement.

By following this structured driving range practice routine, you can fine-tune your long game skills, build consistency, and gain more confidence in your abilities off the tee. Regular practice and deliberate focus will translate to improved performance on the golf course.

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