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How to Improve Putting & Stop Missing Short Putts (3 Best Drills)

How to Improve Putting & Stop Missing Short Putts

Putting from 10 feet or closer is considered skill putting and is what sets golfers apart in terms of short game and score. Those who can make a high percentage of 5 foot putts should see lower scores than golfer’s who struggle to make putts from 5 feet.

Look at professional golfers for instance. A professional golfer makes about 50% of his putts from 5 feet whereas the average golfer makes a much lower percentage.

It’s common in a round of golf for you to face about 18 putts from inside 10 feet so it’s a crucial distance to work on during your practice time.

If you think about all the lag putts you have that end up inside 10 feet as well as the putts inside 10 feet that you miss, then you’ll be able to see that it adds up to close to 18 or more putts per round from 10 feet or closer.

That’s why I created this practice plan to help improve golfer’s putting over the course of several weeks and will help you see lower scores on the golf course.

Putting Drills To Improve Your Short Putts Make Percentage

  • 100 Reps
  • Makes in a row
  • Ladder Drill

The 3 drills bulleted above are good for improving your skill putting based on repetitions but you shouldn’t forget the other important aspect, the putting stroke.

Before you put in the 100’s and 1,000’s of reps it takes to get better from inside 10 feet, you’ll want to make sure you have a solid fundamental putting stroke. Other wise practicing reps improperly will only hurt you in the long run.

Let’s check out the 3 drills now.

Drill One: 100 Reps

This drill is just as it sounds. Do 100 reps. Repetition is key to building muscle memory and consistency. Measure out putts from 3 feet, 5 feet, 7 feet, and 9 feet. You can decide the break type if you want flat, right to left, or left to right breaking putts. Then putt 100 reps before changing break types and distances.

Drill Two: Makes in a row

When putting inside 10 feet from different distances and break types, pressure yourself to make so many putts in a row before moving on. This will build up your ability to handle pressure which will be clutch on the golf course when you are facing a 5 footer to save par or to shoot 79 on the 18th hole.

Drill Three: Ladder Drill

This drill involves you marking out different distances inside 10 feet and putting from one distance and then moving back to the next. You have to make the putt first at the beginning distance before moving on. To complete the drill you have to make a putt at each of the distances you’ve marked out consecutively. If you miss then start over at the beginning distance.

Resource: Ultimate Putting Manual + Training Plan

Get to Work Fixing Your Putting Skills Inside 10 Feet

Overall, there isn’t much to becoming a good putter inside 10 feet besides having a solid putting stroke to start your ball on its intended line and lots of repetition at various distances.

Shoot for at least 500 putts the next time your on the practice green before heading out onto the golf course.

In just 20 days you’ll have achieved 10,000 reps and if you’ve been practicing with a sound putting stroke, you should see decent gains in your skill putting.

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