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Pre-Season Golf Drills & Exercises

Are you looking for guidance on how to maximize your time during the Golf Pre-Season? Today I’m excited to share several golf pre-season drills and exercises you can do to get back in golf shape for the upcoming golf season.

Here at Golf Practice Guides, the golf season runs from April to October. When April 1st arrives we want you to be up to speed and prepared to hit the links! We consider golf pre-season from January through March giving you 90 days to start gearing up with fitness and golf specific exercises.

When the season arrives, start it off right by following our 12 week golf practice plans.


If you start April 1st, you’ll be finished at the end of June. Each week consists of 3 golf practice routines to complete by following the exact drills and worksheets provided in the training program.

You can start and finish anytime but ideally you want to go hard at it for 12 consecutive weeks so you see the most improvement to your golf scores and consistent improvement month to month.

Here is a quick timeline of a game plan you can institute for the remainder of this month to get your golf game warmed up. Plus snag this skills assessment test to see where your skills stand currently.

Pre-Season: Week 1 (March 3 – March 9)

  • Stretching each day
  • Lifting light weights, push-ups, and abs/core workouts
  • Body weight lunges, squats, and calf raises to build a strong lower body
  • 50 practice putting strokes per day using two books to act as guide rails and keep stroke in line

Pre-Season: Week 2 (March 10 – March 16)

  • Stretching each day
  • Core and lower leg workouts
  • Practice swings with scoring irons (9 iron to 7 iron)
  • 50 Practice putts on carpet to a glass or cup indoors
  • Chips to a folded up towel 10 feet away

Pre-Season: Week 3 (March 17 – March 23)

  • Stretching each day
  • Light weights for arms, legs, and core
  • Putting alignment practice (see previous blog posts on website)
  • Chip to folded towel each day at varying distances
  • Practice swings with irons

Pre-Season: Week 4 (March 24 – March 30)

  • Stretching each day
  • Light exercise
  • 100 one handed putting strokes with each hand
  • 100 normal putting strokes
  • 100 chips to towel at 10 ft, 15 ft, and 20 ft away
  • Set 10 goals to achieve in April
  • Work on mental preparation. Picture yourself accomplishing what you vision yourself achieving on the golf course.

Overall, give this golf pre-season plan a go and complete the various fitness exercises and golf drills highlighted in each week’s routine to improve your game and shake the winter rust off!

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Work hard,

Nick Foy, Instructor

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