How to Build an Inside Out Golf Swing

How to Build an Inside Out Golf Swing

As a beginner to the game of golf, you’re going to hear a lot of talk about an Inside Out Golf Swing when learning how to swing the golf club

If you have a slice in your golf swing or wish to learn how to hit a draw, then the inside out golf swing will be the type of swing you’ll need to develop. Otherwise, the inside out golf swing can do harm as well.

We talked about the issue of an inside out golf swing in our recent article: How to Cure a Duck Hook that you should read when you get a chance. It’s complimentary to today’s article.

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What is an Inside Out Golf Swing

An inside out golf swing is when the golf club’s “swing path” moves from the inside of your target line to the outside of your target line. It’s like swinging out to the right after impact instead of bringing your swing back to the left (inside). The ideal golf swing is inside to inside if you want to hit the ball straight with little curvature.

Most beginners come over the top, which is another phrase you’ll hear a lot, and this means their golf swing path comes from the outside to the inside, cutting across the ball and creating slice spin.

The opposite is true of an inside out golf swing. You’re cutting across the golf ball from left to right, creating counter clockwise spin on the ball, and this sends the ball flight from right to left like a hook or draw.

Therefore, the way to fix a slice golf swing is by creating an inside to outside swing path along with learning to square the clubface at impact.

Additionally, if you wish to create draw in your golf swing then you’ll need to develop an inside out golf swing. Next we’ll discuss some golf swing path drills that can help you develop the inside to outside swing path motion.

To learn about your current swing path tendency you should invest in a golf launch monitor device to take to the driving range with you. Read our linked guide on the best golf swing launch monitors.

Inside Out Golf Swing Path Drills

To create the inside out golf swing motion, you need to train your brain to what this swing feels like. If you’re used to coming over the top, it’s going to be very strange initially.

We want to get your brain feeling the swing come from the inside and going out away from your body towards right field.

To do this you’ll need some training aids to help you out.

Part 1: Noodle Swing Path Drill

First, you’ll need to purchase a couple of cheap pool noodles like you’d sit on in a swimming pool.

Then you’ll need to angle them to the right of the target line creating the inside out swing path. Make sure the noodles are parallel with each other and leave space between them for your golf club.

Check out my beautiful drawing I made for you showing the swing barriers you’re creating with the noodles to ingrain an inside out golf swing path.


Try 100 dry reps without a golf ball, learning how to drop your arms down to the inside and swinging out, instead of twisting your upper body and coming over the top with your arms coming down from outside the target line.

Take some baby half swings first focusing on this inside to outside feeling and then work your way to a full swing.

Once you feel comfortable with this swing motion making dry swings without a ball, then add in a golf ball. Work on making solid contact with the ball. The inside to outside swing path doesn’t need to be drastic. My picture above might over emphasis it.

I would recommend getting yourself a video camera and setting it up behind you so it has a “down the line” view of your golf swing. This will allow you to film slow motion videos of your swing to see your swing path.

To set up the camera for slow motion, do the following:

Set the frames per second rate high and double the denominator of the shutter speed to whatever the frames rate is.

For example, with my Canon G7x Mark ii video camera, I set the frames rate at 50 (highest it goes), and the shutter speed gets set to 1/125, with the denominator being about double the frames rate.

To learn more about slow motion video and understanding how it requires special settings on your camera, please read this article.

Part 2: Squaring the club face

Depending on how your swing path change goes, you may need to put some work into squaring the club face. If you have an inside out golf swing plus a closed club face, the result will be a hook.

You’ll need to learn how to hit the golf ball with a square club face at impact so the ball draws slightly as a result of the inside to outside swing path.

To work on squaring the club face, you should consider purchasing a smash bag. It’s a black bag with a yellow target on the front and the goal is to hit it flush with a flat club face relative the bag.

If your club face is closed, the toe will run into the bag first and if the face is open then the heel side of the club will hit the bag first. A square face will result in the entire club face hitting the bag at the same time and not leading with the toe or the heel.

smash-bag-training-aid for golf swing path drill

Inside to Outside Golf Swing Review

The key takeaway today is to train your golf swing to start the downswing with the club dropping inside the swing plane as opposed to coming over the top. Fire those hips first before releasing the arms down at the ball, and swing out away from your body with your arms.

We recommend watching additional YouTube videos on the inside out golf swing technique to get a better feel visually for what to do at the driving range. Then go practice!

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