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Golf Swing Tempo Guide (Drills & Tips)

What is Golf Swing Tempo?

Golf swing tempo is the speed that you swing your golf club while keeping your swing under control.

When you are nervous or in a hurry, you may rush your takeaway which can throw off your normal swing tempo and result in less control of your golf swing.

Other times you may be too relaxed and your tempo may slow down below its normal level which also can impact your golf swing negatively. For example, your golf club may not hit the ball as far as it normally does which could leave you short of the green like on approach shots.

Finding the proper rhythm and swing tempo is a skill you’ll develop from taking lots of golf swings and developing feel for your own unique swing.

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What Throws Off Our Golf Swing Tempo?

There are several reasons your golf swing could be losing its tempo and getting out of control. Usually it has to do with your nervous system. When we get stressed out or nervous, our heart starts beating faster and our mental state starts to fog on the golf course.

You also may start letting negative thoughts creep into your mind like a lack of confidence in your swing’s ability to hit straight. This could lead you to start trying to make swing adjustments mid-round to correct a hook or slice that happened on a previous shot.

Other times it could just be fatigue. Usually by the 12th or 13th hole golfers start to notice their swing disappearing on them and it’s a combination of fatigue as well as lack of focus.

After ripping drives all day and walking thousands of steps on the golf course, it’s normal for your swing to start feeling tired similar to when we lift weights several reps and our muscles start to fatigue.

We always recommend snacking during your round and staying hydrated to help keep your energy levels up.

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How to Regain Your Swing Tempo During a Golf Round?

The first indication of your tempo being off is if you start hitting hooks and slices after previously hitting fairly straight shots during your round.

Instead of trying to fix your grip and change your swing path, focus on your nervous system.

Stand on the tee box and take deep, slow breaths. Place your hand on your chest and feel your heart beat slowing back down to a calm rhythm.

Calming your nervous system down and clearing your mind by thinking about where your next vacation is going to be or what you’re doing next week can help you reset and regain control.

You can also try some of these golf swing tempo drills we’re going to cover next but do them without a golf ball since you’re out on the course in a live round of play and not at the range.

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Golf Drill to Improve Swing Tempo

Drill #1: Fast, Slow, Normal

This first golf swing tempo drill involves making three different swings with your driver.

Start off swinging as fast and hard as you can. This will show you what it’s like when you try too hard and go above your normal swing tempo.

Next swing slower at 70% of your normal swing speed and feel the slow tempo feeling as compared to the superfast tempo. Try to feel the control you have.

Lastly, swing again at normal speed and your swing tempo should be calmer and more relaxed.

This is a great drill to do on the golf course if you feel yourself tensing up or getting nervous under pressure.

Golf Swing Tempo Videos

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