Club Path Putting Drill: Start Putts on Line Easily

Club Path Putting Drill to Start Putts on Line Easily

This is one of my favorite putting drills to practice. It’s similar to the double gate putting drill, which uses tees to create a gate for the putter and for the ball to pass through on the way towards the hole.

But this drill uses two golf irons or alignment rods instead to form a gated path to the hole. I like to call them bumper guards like at a bowling alley.

The two golf irons will be laid down on the ground parallel to each other and pointing at the hole. The width between them will only be a putter head wide to force you to keep your putting stroke square and straight. If not, your putter will bump into the guard rails (alignment rods).

The golf ball will have a straight line path down to the hole so the goal is to hit a solid, straight putt and watch it roll straight between the alignment rods.

Any mishit putts will show as the alignment rods serve as a straight path allowing you to see putts that veer off-line or perhaps even make contact with the guard rails.

If the ball can start on-line the first few feet of the putt, then by the time it leaves the alignment rod path, it should continue on straight to the hole.

Overall, give this putting drill a try and you’ll see your putting stroke improve and your ability to start putts on the correct line will also improve.

Club Path Putting Drill:

  1. Find a flat putt and measure out 6 feet away from the hole
  2. Lay down 2 golf clubs about a putters width apart from each other
  3. Set your golf ball down near the grip end
  4. Stroke putts straight down the line between the clubs, into the cup
  5. Monitor if the ball bumps into the clubs or stays straight

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