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Female Golf Statistics – Compare Your Game to the LPGA

Female Golf Statistics – How to Be Above Average

One of the exciting parts of the game of golf is tracking statistics. This is how we understand how well we are playing and compared to other golfers we can analyze where we need to improve!

The most common statistic you measure is your golf score and it’s definitely the stat that matters most!

But all the other statistics underneath it can paint a clearer picture why your scores are what they are.

Today’s guide is intended to share all kinds of female golf statistics from average driving distance to average green in regulation percentage and more so you can compare your game to the LPGA players.

Keep in mind however, they are playing much more difficult golf courses so while you should aim to match their statistics, you should also aim to achieve above them for the easier golf courses you are likely playing in comparison.

Golf course difficulty is measured by looking at a course rating and slope rating which is printed on most scorecards.

Average Driving Distance on the LPGA Tour

Going off of the LPGA Tour Statistics on the LPGA Tour website, the top driving distance average is currently held by Anne Van Dam at 306 yards! Wow.

The next top 4 driving distance averages are close together from 286 yards to 290 yards.

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With 150 golfers on the list, let’s look at the median golfer in position 75 which happens to be 261 yards on average. In other words, if you want to crack the top 75 golfers on the LPGA Tour you’d need a driving distance greater than 261 yards!

On the low end, the 150th position player is hitting 225 yards on average off the tee. The players hitting an extra 60 yards clearly have a strong advantage.

The major benefit of hitting longer drives is it makes holes feel shorter and you can hit approach shots with more accurate clubs like short irons and wedges. This can lead to higher green in regulation percentages and more birdie opportunities.

Let’s check out those statistics for women golfers on the LPGA Tour next!

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Average Green in Regulation Percentage Leaders – LPGA

Currently, the leader is Jeongeun Lee who is hitting 82% of greens in regulation. This means 4 out of every 5 holes she is on the green putting for birdie and for 18 holes this would be 14 to 15 holes she is reaching the green in regulation.

Taking a look at the lowest GIR percentage on the LPGA Tour, it stands at 43%. This would be 4 greens for every 9 holes played.

The median green in regulation average is 69% which means hitting 6 greens for every 9 holes played or 12 greens per 18 holes.

This is an important statistics to monitor because more birdie opportunities means more chances to cancel out bogies and score closer to par golf! It also means more pars as a fall back score when you miss the birdie putts, so you’ll still be happy!

Putting Average Statistics for Women LPGA Players

Currently the leader on the LPGA Tour for lowest average putts per round is Michelle Wie. She is averaging 26.75 putts per round.

The median average player in the 75th place position is averaging 30.42 putts and the player in the 150th position is averaging 34.50 putts.

So how do you compare?

Well the average golfer should strive to score below 36 for this statistic as a starting point. If you assume 2 putts for 18 holes that would equal 36 total putts per round of golf.

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But as you chip the ball close on holes you miss the green in regulation, you’ll have a chance at one putts. You also may one putt when you hit green in regulations and make the birdie putt.

Players with low putting averages usually make lots of birdies or have high par save conversion rates by getting close with their wedge chip shots so they can one putt.

If you have a tendency to take 3 putts to get the ball in the hole, practice more on putting and this is an easy way to reduce your golf score first before worrying about your golf swing and other things holding your score back.

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Average Driving Accuracy Statistics

The driving accuracy statistic measures how many fairways you land the ball on tees shots compared to how many total drives you have during the round of golf.

Most golf courses have a possible of 14 driving holes with fairways, since the other 4 holes are par 3’s.

Right now, the LPGA Leader in driving accuracy is Chella Choi who averages 90% accuracy! That’s great! She has hit 126 fairways out of 140 fairways thus far in the 10 rounds of golf shes played to start the LPGA season.

The median average is 70% or 7 out of every 10 fairways. The low end average in the 150th position is 46%.

Hitting fairways is important because it helps the ball roll farther as well as gives you a better look at the green for your approach shot.

Hitting from the rough can cause more problems like hitting fat shots from the rough grabbing your club face or giving you bad angles to the green where you have to dodge ponds, bunkers, and trees.

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LPGA Scoring Average Leaders

Our final female golf statistic to cover today is scoring average! If you want to make it as a pro golfer you’re going to have to score low consistently and usually under par to have a chance!

Right now the scoring leader on the LPGA Tour is Nelly Korda at 68.75. To break the top 10 women golfers need to achieve a scoring average under 70, with all top 10 golfers falling in the 68’s and 69’s.

The median average in the 75th position is 72.5 and the low end 150th position average is 78.

Therefore, if you have dreams of playing professional golf, just to break the top half of golfers on the LPGA Tour (75th place or better) you’ll need a scoring average of 72 or better.

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But to achieve this low scoring average, start working on the above statistics first and as you see improvement in those stats you’ll also notice your scores lowering!

Focus on improving your driving distance and hitting more greens in regulation. Then focus on making more putts per round to reduce your average putts statistic.

Then tune up your fairways by trying to increase driver accuracy and this should also help you hit more greens and make more birdie putts!

Thanks for checking out today’s women’s golf statistics article where we compare LPGA Tour stats so you can see what you need to achieve to break into the top 150 golfers in the world!

Check out these practice resources below as they will take you to that next level and help lower your golf scores if you follow them!

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