nike fi flex golf shoes review

Nike Fi Flex Golf Shoe Review

The Nike Fi Flex is a golf shoe that launched in 2017 and it’s spikeless design was unique at the time making it a highly sought after golf shoe to rock on the golf course.

In addition to being spikeless, the Nike Fi Flex golf shoe is lightweight, durable, and looks smooth giving you swag on the course. It also features water resistant ability.

nike fi flex golf shoe review

In 2016, you probably heard the news that Nike was backing out of the golf equipment industry. No longer making golf clubs, Nike dedicated their resources and energy to becoming a leader in the golf footwear and golf clothing space.

Today on the PGA Tour you still see pro players like Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, and Jason Day rocking nike golf shoes and nike golf shirts with the famous swoosh on them.

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Ultra Light and Comfortable

The first thing noticed when trying on a pair of Nike Fi Flex golf shoes is the ultra light weight nylon material. The nylon is also very durable and water resistant making it a great substitute for old school rubber used in most previous golf shoes.

The material inside the shoe conforms to your feet and is a porous material that is breathable to allow air flow, hopefully reducing odor that builds up with time.

Despite being porous the shoes keep your feet dry thanks to their water resistance ability. Overall, they get an A grade on comfortability.

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The Nike Fi Flex golf shoe gives great mileage allowing you to play all golf season and lots of rounds of golf without breaking down. They uphold their excellent condition well.

This is a result of the Ripstop fabric designed to increase durability of the golf shoe, especially in the outer portion and front toe portion of the shoe that wear down is most common.

The tongue of the shoe is built from foam and nylon to provide comfort and add a tightness to your foot to hold it in place and make fit feel good.

The Fi Flex golf shoes are also washable, believe it or not, so you can preserve their clean appearance and reduce the odor build up.

nike fi flex shoes sole

Grippy for Stability Support

Another important feature to consider when buying a pair of golf shoes is the traction they get on the ground. Do the shoes slip or hold with solid grip ability?

The worst thing to happen is to slip during a golf swing causing potential injury as well as an awful golf shot that costs your score.

Luckily, the Nike Fi Flex perform well in the traction and stability score. In both dry and wet conditions these shoes maintained solid grip on the ground helping avoid feet sliding during the golf swing.

This results from the sole design which features massive grooves and the toe of the shoe has smaller traction bumps to help with grip on all surfaces including wet grass.

Another benefit of the spikeless shoe is there are no spikes to replace. Spikes can break time to time and be a hassle to find replacement parts for.

In addition, no spikes means no clumps of grass and mud clogging up around the spikes. With spikeless Nike Fi Flex shoes you can tap on the ground to knock off the dirt and grass like you do with normal tennis shoes.

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Design and Color Scheme of the Fi Flex Shoes

You can choose from multiple color options to fit your preference. The main options are black, red, or yellow. They are hybrid shoes that come multi colored with white being near the heal and then the red, yellow, or black being the front of the shoe.

As you saw in the photo above, the sole of the shoe also has multi-color with yellow color near the heal in the example photo of the yellow Nike Fi Flex shoes.

The Nike swoosh runs across the top of the shoe, letting everyone know you’re rocking Nike golf gear.

Overall, the Fi Flex are a solid pair of golf shoes designed for performance, comfort, durability, and have great breath-ability with water resistance.

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