Putting Drill #7: Sweet Spot Strike with Rubber Bands

Putting Drill: Sweet Spot Strike with Rubber Bands

For this putting drill you’re going to be placing rubber bands around your putter head about a ball width apart. They should be positioned so that the golf ball can strike the sweet spot, dead center of the putter face and not interfere.

In other words, let the rubber bands sit just beyond the sweet spot on the putter face to act as guards.

This will give you feedback when you miss the sweet spot as the ball will make contact with the rubber bands instead if you don’t bring the putter face back square at impact.

You’ll likely need to double or triple wrap the rubber band around the putter head creating a thicker boundary rail, in order to use up and secure the rubber band from moving or sliding.

How to Do this Putting Drill:

  1. Once your rubber bands are positioned, all you have left to do is strike putts.
  2. Find a flat, straight putt to set up to and practice hitting the ball to the hole, trying to make it.

You’ll know when your putting stroke wasn’t straight and you didn’t make perfect, center sweet spot impact as the ball will go offline from hitting the rubber bands.

Give this putting drill a try and see your skills improve at hitting the sweet spot on the putter face.

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