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Regripping Your Golf Putter – How to Do It Yourself

Using a well-maintained golf club can make or break your game. Having worn out grips will cost you shots that could have helped you score a few strokes lower on the putting greens.

This is especially so during damp conditions. One of the first things you can do to stop grips from deteriorating is to clean them often. However, they will eventually need to be replaced.

Replacing all your grips in one go can be quite costly. Thankfully, you have the option to change the grips yourself and here is how to do it.

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What you will need

  • A piece of soft cloth
  • Double Sided Tape ( Putter’s Tape)
  • A vice that is as long as your grip
  • Knife (Stanley Knife or something similar)
  • Solvent (White Spirit or Paint Thinner)
  • New Grip
  • Bucket

How to do it

Step 1: Clean

The first thing you need to do is to clean the grip and the area surrounding it. This will make it easier for you to remove the old grip and do the succeeding steps.

Step 2: Setup the Vice Clamp

This is step is actually not required but it will definitely make your job easier.

The vice clamp will keep your club in place while you change your grip. It makes things safer for you and prevents you from damaging your gold club. You can also opt to skip the step and proceed to the next.

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Step 3: Remove Your Old Grip

Once you have placed the grip onto the clamp, take your knife and make a cut along the whole length of the grip. Make sure that the direction of your knife is away from you.

Remember to cut deep enough that it will not touch the Golf tape or the shaft. Plus, be sure to keep a little more distance between your body and the grip.

Pull back the old grip with your hands or with a screwdriver, whichever you are comfortable with. You should be able to remove it easily.

Step 4: Clean the Golf Shaft Again

Once you have taken out the old grip, remove the tape clean and clean the undershaft. Pour the solvent to clear away the tape easier.

Remember that it should be as clean as possible before you try to attach the new grip.

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Step 5: Cover the Grip Area with Double-Sided Tape

After you have thoroughly cleaned the golf shaft, it is time to wind the new tape around it. When you do, make sure that there are no overlapping layers.

The distance between each turn should also be equal as well. One thing you can do is to leave a bit of space between every turn you make.

When you reach the end of the shaft, you can choose to cut and tuck the excess tape to the side or to fold it to cover the whole shaft.

Manufacturers often include a sufficient amount of tape to make sure that you have enough so the process of attaching a new grip is easier and faster.

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Step 6: Add a New Grip

Before you start this step, prepare an empty bucket and position the grip near its opening. See to it that when you start spraying, all the extra solvent will spray directly to the bucket.

It is finally time to take out your new grip. Get a grip cover or golf tee to keep the White Spirit or solvent sealed inside and prevent it from leaking. Spray the newly tape covered golf shaft.

What the solvent does is that it allows the new grip to slide easily; plus, it also activates the adhesive of the double-sided tape.

Spray another coat of solvent onto the shaft and the grip. If you are not using a vice clamp, you can use your wall. Place the putter against the wall; it will act as a stopper when you pull the grip.

You will need to do this quickly, so be certain that everything is aligned correctly. If you are having a hard time sliding the new grip on, just add more solvent onto the shaft and inside the new grip.

Take one last look and make sure that everything is in its correct position. If you find that the angle is a bit off, try to shift and turn until the grip fits correctly.

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Step 7: Wipe Excess & Let Dry

After that, wipe all the extra solvent and leave the grip to dry for a few hours to a day.

If you are really serious in golfing, your equipment should be well maintained. So if you are truly convinced that your grips need changing, choose the right grip and have them changed.

Successfully changing your own grip can be rewarding and frustrating at the same time. But if you are up for the challenge, then this is the perfect guide for you.

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Q & A Section

When should I replace my grip on golf club?

When the grip of your club is starting to wear, then it is the perfect time to replace it. Depending on the frequency, you should replace them every three to four weeks or every six months.

Often times, golfers who have just started playing tend to tighten their hold on their worn out grips instead of replacing them. However, doing this will slow you down and can even cause injury.

How do I choose the best type of grip for me?

There are four types of grips golfers use. These are rubber grip, corded grip, synthetic grip, and leather grip. When you choose the grip, take note of how frequently you go golfing and your playing style.

How do I know if my golf grip is already worn?

You will know that your grip is already worn when it starts to feel slippery. Other signs to look out for are thumb dents, cracks, and faded prints.

Although some will not be initially visible to the naked eye, the easiest way to tell is to compare an old to a new grip to help you identify the difference.

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