Short Game Golf Practice Routine: Hole Out Chip Shots Drill

Today’s golf practice routine will focus on improving your chipping by holing out shots from the same distance but with different golf clubs.

This trains your ability to play different lofted clubs and hit different types of golf shots.

For example, the 6-iron will be needed for low, runner style chips that get on the green sooner and begin rolling most of the distance to the hole like a putt.

If you’re someone who only uses a high lofted wedge around the greens to hit your short game shots, then this chipping practice drill will teach you the benefits of using other clubs in your golf bag to pull of chip shots.

The goal is to develop consistency at getting your chip shots close to the hole and you’ll learn that certain clubs in your bag are easier to be consistent with after completing this chipping practice routine.

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Chipping to One Distance with Multiple Clubs

  1. Pick out a hole on the green to chip to
  2. Pick out a spot in the rough to chip from
  3. Measure the distance (approximately) so you can remember it skill development
  4. Analyze the break and uphill/downhill sloping of the green between you and the hole
  5. Set up for a chip shot going through your normal practice routine
  6. Hit the chip shot trying to hole it
  7. Try not to over power it though. Keep it under control so it rolls only a few feet past the hole at worse
  8. Start with your 6-iron to learn how chipping works with lower lofted clubs
  9. Once you hole out a chip shot, move on to the 7-iron
  10. Repeat with your 8-iron, 9-iron, pitching wedge, and any other wedges or clubs lofted higher than your pitching wedge

Repeat this chipping practice routine a few times a week to develop feel with different clubs in your golf bag. You’ll be amazed at the results and you’ll pick up several new shots you can pull off in different situations out on the golf course during real play.

Scoring should become easier and you’ll notice an improvement thanks to your developed short game skills.

Golf Practice Plans & Routines to Follow

If you’d like to further develop your short game skills and your golf swing, we also recommend the following golf training plans with drills and routines to follow step by step:

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