Golf Practice Routine to Break 100

Golf Practice Routine to Break 100 When I think back to when I first started playing golf for the first time at age 16, I think about how I would practice differently and what I could do to help the old me, improve quicker. I take this same approach today as I want to help […]

Golf Chipping Practice Routine

Golf Chipping Practice Routine When you arrive at the golf course, it’s easy to fall into the trap of grabbing a wedge out of your bag, dropping a few balls on the fringe, and hitting some chips to a hole on the green without really putting much focus or effort into your practice. Today I […]

Golf Practice Schedule Template

Golf Practice Schedule Template Are you looking for an example golf practice schedule to follow as a template? (Like this step by step one) Or maybe you’re looking for validation of how often you should be practicing golf each week to improve your game and make your high school varsity team or college team. No […]

Putting Drill: 10 Ball Circle Drill

10 Golf Ball, Circle Putting Drill The circle drill is one of the most popular putting drills and you’ve likely read about it or tried it before. But today’s putting drill is a slight variation of the normal circle putting drill. The 10 golf ball drill adds extra putts so you get to see how […]

Phil Mickelson 3 Foot Putting Drill (100 in a Row)

Phil Mickelson 3 Foot Putting Drill (100 in a Row) The classic Phil Mickelson Putting Drill is a 100 putt challenge from 3 feet away from the hole. It’s a golf putting drill Phil has been doing for years. The video below will highlight Mickelson doing the circle method where you place balls around the […]

Putting Drill: Dead Center of the Cup Golf Drill

Putting Drill: Hit the Ball Dead Center of the Cup For this golf drill you’re going to be practicing hitting putts that go into the dead center of the cup. It can be super frustrating to see putts lip out or even horseshoe around the cup. I’m sure you’ve had putts ring around the cup […]

Club Path Putting Drill: Start Putts on Line Easily

Club Path Putting Drill to Start Putts on Line Easily This is one of my favorite putting drills to practice. It’s similar to the double gate putting drill, which uses tees to create a gate for the putter and for the ball to pass through on the way towards the hole. But this drill uses […]

Golf Putting Drill: Lag Putts with Your Eyes Closed

Eyes Closed Golf Putting Drill Why would anyone want to close their eyes during a putt? Well, in this instance it’s just a golf practice drill so the end result of the putt going in the hole isn’t what matters most. The emphasis of this putting drill is to develop feel and this occurs by […]

Putting Stroke Tempo Drill

Best Golf Drill to Fix Your Putting Stroke Tempo One of the most important aspects of putting in golf is the rhythm and tempo in which you swing the putter. The ideal putting stroke features a consistent tempo, which allows you to change the distance of your back stroke to adjust for more or less […]

Putting Drill #8: Distance Judgement Test

How to Improve Your Distance Judgement on Putts One of the biggest problems golfers face is improper judgement of distance on a putt. And what happens to most golfers as a result? They misjudge the break and leave putts on the short side of the hole, never giving enough break. To fix this, you should […]