speed stik review golf

Speed Stik Review

What is the Speed Stik?

The Speed Stik is a golf training aid that was created to help you increase your swing speed. If you tend to release the golf club early or flip the club with your hands/wrists, this swing training aid is designed to help combat it.

speed stik review golf

How Does the Speed Stik Work?

The Speed Stik is a special swing device that has a Bullet Magnet Slider which is controlled by tightening the knob on it. As you swing this slider moves down the club stick.

The Speed Stik has a custom made grip so your hands hold the club perfectly every time.

The flexible shaft helps you immediately start feeling better rhythm and tempo in your swing. It also helps you work on improving your club lag to generate more speed, and thus further drives.

They claim that the Speed Stik can add 8 mph to your swing speed which adds an additional 20 yards to your drives.

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How to Set Up the Speed Stik?

There is no setup for the Speed Stik which makes it easy to get out and play with. Training aids that are difficult to setup tend to demotivate you to want to use them, so I like that this is ready to go when you pull it out of the box.

The only thing is the adjustment knob which can be tightened to control the magnet slider.

Faster swingers want a heavier setting so the magnet is stronger and harder to release. Slower swingers want a lighter setting so that the slider will disconnect easier from the magnet.

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How Effective is the Speed Stik?

It definitely is beneficial to the average golfer and will train your to swing faster. The noisy “release indicator” tells you how fast your swinging with a louder noise meaning you’re swinging faster.

I think if you use this device you will add mph to your swing and thus increase your distances.

But the most effective way to improve your distances is combine a faster swing with weight training to also use strength in your legs, core, and arms to generate faster clubhead speed.

We created this simple 8 week training program you can follow or customize it to fit your own style of working out. Check it out.

How Much Does the Speed Stik Cost?

The Speed Stik is currently $99 which is in the same price range as other speed training systems. For comparison check these swing training aids out on Amazon to see their prices and benefits so you can make the best decision on which speed trainer is best for you!


I think for the value and amount you’ll use this golf swing training device, it’s definitely durable and should last awhile. I believe they also have a manufacturer warranty so if your Speed Stik breaks down early on in its life, you can send it back and get a new one at no charge.

Final Thoughts on the Speed Stik Review

Overall, I like the training aid for the price and the results you’ll get out of it. I like the simplicity of it and how you get feed back on the magnetic slider to help you build rhythm and tempo in your golf swing.

It’s easy to pull this golf swing trainer out and use it 10-15 minutes per day, which can ultimately lead to an increase in your swing speed and thus longer yardages from your golf clubs.

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