How to Hit the Golf Ball Above Your Feet (Slope Shot)

How to Hit the Golf Ball When It’s Above Your Feet

Hey Golfer!

Today I want to share some information with you regarding two different shots you should have in your skills portfolio.

To become an improved golfer and shoot lower scores, you need to learn or polish skills for several different shot types so that nothing phases you during your round and you can stay on track to a low round.

I have a short list of about 25 problems you may face, but there will be more added to this list of mine in the near future so stay tuned.

Let’s get started with 2 of my 25 skills I have to share with you and help you get more exposure to so that you can face any shot with confidence out on the golf course. Best of luck in mastering these two skills!

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Ball Below Your Feet

The Issue: When the ball is below your feet in the fairway you’ll struggle to reach the ball with your normal address. You’ll also tend to hit the ball from left to right because the ball once to bounce off the slope and go in the opposite direction.

The Fix: Move closer to the ball so that your club becomes longer and ensures that you hit the ball. You’ll also want to aim further left than normal of the target to account for the left to right movement the slope will likely cause on the ball.

That’s it. It’s pretty simple but the difficulty comes in judging how much the ball will move in the air and how far left of the target you should play it to account for the movement. You may also find it helpful to move the ball back in your stance slightly to ensure solid contact.

Ball Above Your Feet

The Issue: Your ball has found the side of a slope and it rests above your feet making your normal set up difficult to achieve.

The Fix: When the ball is below your feet we had you stand closer to it so that your club becomes longer and can reach the ball. If the ball is above your feet then you need to choke down on the club to make it shorter so that it can bottom out in line with the slope.

When the ball is above your feet the slope will affect the ball with a right to left spin causing a hook or draw ball flight. To fix this, simply aim further to the right of your target. Adjust how far you aim right based on the severity of the slope and the lie (severity of tall rough vs short grass).

Please Note: The steeper the slope the more you need to choke up.

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