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7 Reasons You’re Not Improving at Golf

Golf Problems & Objections to Overcome

Being a fellow golfer who has shot between 70 and 140 for 18 holes over my years, I have gone through many different experiences when it comes to practice that you’ll similarly face.

So I’ve decided to create a guide today with 7 major objections or obstacles one may face when trying to become a better golfer.

At the end I’ve also included a few resources I think you’ll enjoy so be sure to check them out. Plus, be sure to snag this free skills assessment test as a downloadable PDF you can take to the course with you

That being said, here are some obstacles or objections that I expect you to encounter when trying to practice golf and my solutions for them.

Resource: Golf Practice System (Practice Plans + Videos + Worksheets)

7 Obstacles & Objections Golfers Face

Golf Struggle #1 – Time

Some people are limited to practicing because of work, family, or other life commitments. You should expect golf practice for true improvement to be intense and take a great amount of time (2-4 hours) depending on your skill level.

Find 3 days a week to get to the course and work 4-6 hours on your game or 5 days a week working 2-3 hours each day.

The way to get better quickly is put in lots of quality repetitions during practice. This is what I did to succeed and achieve scratch golf and how I designed this practice program that’s helped hundreds of golfers.

Must See: Best Practice Program for Improving Golf Scores Quickly

Golf Struggle #2 – Two separate short game greens

One for chipping only, and one for putting only.

This will complicate the “Up & Down” section of your practice. You won’t be able to chip the ball onto the practice green and then go putt it into the hole since there isn’t a practice green that allows you to do both.

Hopefully your course allows both chipping and putting on the same practice green so you can attempt up and down drills.

Solution: Place balls randomly around the putting green and pretend you have already performed the chip portion of the up & down. Attempt to sink the different putts from random distances and if you make the putt then count it as up & downs completed.

Golf Struggle #3 – Some golf courses have flat practice greens.

This will complicate drills that involve downhill putting and chipping that were supposed to help you for when you face downhill situations out on the golf course.

Solution: You’ll have to practice downhill shots out on the actual course in your spare time when the course isn’t very busy.

You won’t be able to do a lot of reps or the drills exactly as they are written but you can at least be aware of the need to spend some time doing downhill work out on the course.

For the practice green just do normal reps on the flat surface instead.

Golf Training Aids We Recommend:

Golf Struggle #4 – Sand/Bunker Shots.

Courses that don’t have practice bunkers in the practice area will limit your ability to improve your bunker play.

You’ll have to rely on actual course experience during your 9 and 18 hole rounds. When you are out on the course, feel free to drop a ball or two in the bunker and get some extra practice in.

Golf Struggle #5 – Busy Practice Greens

For some drills I do and that I give you to you freely on my blog and Instagram account, they require high repetition.

I expect you to use sets of 10 balls to complete them to help you focus more and not mindlessly hit 50 balls to the same hole.

Hitting sets of 50 balls will also not work well because many balls will bump into each other and mess up your performance.

By hitting sets of 10 you should be able to stay more organized and in the event that greens are busy 10 balls can be reduced to 5 so that you aren’t getting in the way of others.

Usually they’ll respect that you’re working on short game on your own hole and other people will leave that hole alone that you’re going to.

Resource: Best Putting Training Plan for Beginners

Golf Struggle #6 – Missing Practice Days & Weather Interference

Some days weather may cause issues so for example in our 12 week practice plan, we give you 3 practices each week to complete in 7 days with hope that you’ll be able to get out to the course still and finish them all.

If for some reason you can’t get all 3 done in the 7 day week then don’t skip the practices. You’ll just have to add on a 13th week since you’ve fallen behind a week.

Overall, there are 7 days to a week and you’ll have to make up days you miss due to weather in order to stay on track and continue striding towards improvement.

One thing you shouldn’t do is practice 7 days per week. Give yourself a day or two off each week to recover physically and mentally. Over practicing can damage your gains.

Golf Struggle #7 – Money

It costs money to play golf. You’ve got green fees, equipment expenses, golf balls, cart fees, and social expenses like food and drinks. Plus if you hit range balls every week, this can add up your bill quickly.

Our practices we created in our 12 week improvement program only focus on using the driving range and practice greens that golf courses have usually. The practice greens are free but the driving range will cost money.

In our 12 week plan, for example, we factored this in to our practices and decided it’s best to select 60 reps as our number for each practice on the driving range.

This is about a medium bucket of balls and should run about $5 depending on the golf course.

So if you are practicing 3 days per week you’ll likely spend $15 on balls if you decide to stick with the idea of hitting 60 balls each day at the course. Hopefully you can get a range pass for an affordable price which will allow you to hit unlimited range balls all year.

If you can’t afford balls each week then check out our dry swing drill list.

Final Words…

Wrapping things up today, I hope these 7 issues helped open up your eyes to the issues you’ll encounter and the solutions I recommend you take to continue improving your golf game if you are serious about score and skill improvement.

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Nick Foy, Instructor

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