How to Be More Consistent in Golf

To Golf Like Tiger Woods You Must Prepare Like Tiger Woods

You’re likely here today looking for game changing golf tips to make you a better golfer and help you shoot lower golf scores.

I’ve got good news for you…I have the one tip you need as well as several bonus tips. Get prepared to dive into this in depth article that you’ll walk away from feeling motivated and improved from mentally.

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Resource: Golf Practice System (Practice Plans + Videos + Worksheets)

The #1 Golf Tip to Being Successful: Be Consistent

In any sport, business, or life activity, you’ll hear time and time again from those who have made it to success that the key was being consistent. You may have heard the alternative slogan “consistency is key” and this is truth.

In fact, I was just watching a Snapchat today of DJ Khaled where he said: “the key to success is being consistent” as he is working on a 22 day nutrition and fitness challenge to lose weight.

How do you think I achieved scratch golf in high school when I had just started playing golf my sophomore year of high school?

I was consistently at the golf course. I was consistently working on my putting and chipping as well as my golf swing day in and day out for 2 and half years until I finally went off to college and gave up the intense days of golf practice.

There isn’t really a short cut. The key to being a successful golfer and shooting lower golf scores is repetition. You have to put in the time and the reps to see the results.

I recently wrote an article: Does it really take 10,000 hours to become a scratch golfer

The important lesson with repetitions is they must be of high quality. You could practice wrong for 10,000 hours and make very little progress as well as develop poor habits in your golf swing and golf short game.

This simple golf tip of being consistent applies to all facets of your game:

  • The goal of the golf swing is to develop a consistent swing that shows up every time you swing
  • You want to develop a consistent pre-putt routine to get yourself mentally ready for the putt at hand
  • You want to develop a consistent putting stroke that is predictable and gives you confidence as you stroke putts

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The Reason Tiger Woods Was Amazing at Golf in His Prime

At the beginning of today’s article you read “To be like Tiger Woods you must prepare like Tiger Woods.”

It’s no surprise why he was so good. He consistently puts in hours of work on his golf game every day and week.

He started at a very young age so by the time he was 18, he had already had years of experience and millions of repetitions under his belt.

He consistently improved over many years to get to where he got by the time he was in college and his first few years in the pro’s when he shocked the world.

So when you feel like you’re not making any progress or not as fast as you’d like, then take a step back and realize it takes time.

You have to consistently work on your golf game for many weeks, months, even years to become great. It doesn’t just happen on its own if you play golf once per month.

Resource: Golf Practice System (Practice Plans + Videos + Worksheets)

How Consistency Helped Me Achieve Scratch Golf in High School

I reached scratch golf in under 3 years because I was in high school and had the free time to spend hours at the course every day after school as well as in the summer.

I would practice from 6am to dark some days with breaks in between while my calves and legs reset. I loved getting up early in the summer when the golf course wasn’t busy and playing 36 holes or having the practice green to myself to whip out 1,000 putts.

That’s the other thing.

You may think you are working hard on your game but once you see what others are doing, you’ll have a better idea of whether or not you are truly outworking your opponents.

For example, are you doing any of the following:

  • Making 300 – 500 putts per day
  • 100 dry practice swings working on fundamentals per day
  • Hitting 100-300 range balls per day with alternate shots and trajectories
  • 100 up and downs per day where you chip it close and make the putt
  • 50 bunker shots to different distances per day
  • Mental visualization of success for 15 minutes per day
  • Continually reading books, blog posts, and learning from others
  • Eating healthy and walking or running for 30+ minutes per day

This is just a short list of what you can be doing to better your golf game. Apply these golf tips and you should see some improvement as long as it is quality and not just forcing out reps.

Think of it similar to basketball. Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant likely shot thousands of jump shots per day for many months and years to develop a consistent shot to rely on in games. Same applies to golf as you must be consistent and make or attempt 500 putts per day to improve your putting.

I recommend starting smaller, such as 300 putts, if you feel like time is going to be an issue in your schedule.

I would often have sets of 10 golf balls and bang out 10 sets of 10 putts for 100 reps at a drill. Then I would switch to a different putting drill for 100 reps and so on until I’d done 5 drills for a total of 500 putts.

Golf Tip #2: Work on your game at home

Suppose you have a full time job and your complaining and making excuses right now that these recommendations won’t work for you because you don’t have the time to go to the golf course every day and perform 300 putts or chip shots.

Indoor golf practice is easier than you think. Grab two thick books and spread them apart about the width of a putter face.

Work on the fundamentals of your putting stroke trying to swing the putter through the space between these two books without hitting them. Close your eyes and get used to feeling the putter head swing and make contact with the golf ball.

Golf Training Aids We Recommend:

In the winter time, we had snow in the Midwest and couldn’t make it outside to practice golf.

Instead of being lazy or making excuses, I worked on my golf game indoors by practicing the fundamentals so that my fundamental game was strong heading into spring when I stepped foot onto the actual golf course again.

Resource: Golf Practice System (Practice Plans + Videos + Worksheets)

Golf Tip #3: Track your results

When practicing indoors or outdoors, have a pen and paper to track your makes vs attempts the old fashioned way. You may even have an app on your phone that will log the data so you can see your performance over time.

I remember sitting in my basement putting on an indoor putting green I built out of some wood and green carpet. It rolled like the Master’s putting greens (very fast) but I was more focused on the fundamental stroke and starting my putt on line.

I didn’t focus so much on distance control since it’s hard to do so indoors unless you’re putting on legit indoor putting green grass material.

I would track my results on paper and after a few weeks I had attempted close to 10,000 putts…indoors.

Golf Tip #4: Invest in a golf practice net for at home

If you have space in your yard to set up a golf practice hitting net, this is a great way to get outside and work on your golf swing and golf game.

You can start by searching Amazon Golf Hitting Nets Here and find one that fits your needs style wise and size wise.

To make a home golf hitting net work, you need space for starters. You don’t want the golf ball breaking any windows in your house. If you can stick it inside your basement or a room in your house by all means go ahead. Then you can work on your game year round if you live in a place that gets snow like me.

You’ll want to have a bucket of golf balls and a golf hitting mat as well. Having a bucket of golf balls will allow you to perform a higher volume of reps before having to stop and pick up the balls.

The golf hitting mat will be important for preserving your carpet or the grass in your back yard. Plus, it simulates tight fairway grass to some extent as if you were hitting from the fairway.

Golf Tip #5: Follow a Practice Routine or System

Lastly, you need to follow a practice routine or training program that keeps you focused and working on your skills.

I’ve created one of the best 12 week golf practice plan for you to complete. It keeps you accountable because there are 3 practices to complete each week for 12 weeks and they progressively get harder or change to work on different skills. This way you get the overall skill improvement experience over the course of 12 weeks.

You can read all about the features, resources, and tools that come with my 12 week program here.

I’ve built worksheets that you can fill out to track your results just like we discussed today in golf tip #3.

I find it a lot of fun to test myself on Day 0 by doing the skills challenge and then coming back every 30 days and re-testing to see my improvement as well as a final test at the end of the 12 weeks.

Resource: Golf Improvement Worksheets to Track Skill Statistics for Each Area of Your Game

I think you’ll find my worksheets pretty cool and really helpful.

Create a binder and 3 hole punch the packet of information, eBook, worksheets, practice plan, etc. so that you have your own golf improvement binder to carry to the course and monitor your skill improvement.

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Work hard,

Nick Foy, Instructor

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