5 Best Golf Practice Tips for Kids

5 Golf Practice Tips for Kids

Below are 5 beginner golf practice tips for kids to follow to work on practicing your golf game and improving your golf scores.

Golf is a fun sport to play and these golf tips for kids are also followed by the professional golfers like Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth, Rickie Fowler. Those players got to the PGA by playing golf as kids and practicing their skills during their junior golf days.

Tip #1: Practice Often

“Rome was not built in one day”. Wondering what does this mean? Well, it says that we cannot achieve anything in one day.

Daily Practice is the key to being good at golf.

So, if you are visiting the golf course twice a week currently, make it four times a week to double the practice and improve quicker.

Lots of practice and repetition will build skill and muscle memory to help you hit the correct shots on the golf course when you need to. But first get lots of practice doing so!

Tip #2: Chipping:

A chip shot is a short golf shot with your wedge to get the ball onto the green as close to the hole as possible. It’s part of the short game which also includes putting, and pitching in addition to chipping.

Spend at least 1 hour during your practice session working on chipping as it will help you improve faster than working on your long irons and driver.

Professional golfers spend lots of time practicing chipping. Visualize the chip shot before hitting it. Where do you want the chip shot to land? How do you see the golf ball rolling after it lands on the green?

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Tip #3: Putting:

Putting is when you get onto the green and you “putt” the ball into the hole with your putter golf club. It’s a short stroke where you take the putter back a few inches and then swing the head forward to make contact with the golf ball.

If you practice your putting stroke often, you should be able to hit putts straight on line with where you are aiming! We recommend at least 1 hour per day and 3 to 4 hours of putting practice per week!

Practice putting by laying down two golf clubs on the ground parallel to each other to form a straight path for the putter head to follow.

Practice putting strokes inside these two clubs keeping the stroke straight to avoid hitting the club shafts laying on the ground.

You can also set up two tees about a putter head width apart and practicing hitting putts by swinging the putter through the two tees without making contact with them.

Tip #4: Swinging:

Swinging a golf club must be your favorite part, and why not, most of the amateur golfers love swinging hard at a small golf ball, and then seeing how far they can hit it.

It sure sounds like fun, and with some technique and practice, you can become one of the best teen golfers in your area by building a strong fundamental golf swing.

For kids, the best place to practice the swing is the driving range. Here you won’t be disturbed by other adult golfers and can focus on your swing technique and style easily.

Hit golf balls daily to build muscle memory and to get lots of repetition swing the club properly so that it becomes natural out on the golf course too.

Take lessons from a swing instructor if you are having problems keeping your swing straight or want tips on how to improve your golf swing.

Tip #5: Have Fun:

Read Carefully, this is one of the most important golf tips. Never ever forget to have fun when you are playing golf.

Remember to play with a healthy mind. There are a few golf etiquette rules which you will learn as you play the game more.

For now, make sure that you respect other players and compete in a friendly manner and not to win at everything, because you cannot learn without losing and struggle.

Have fun. Play golf. Practice Golf. Watch golf.  

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