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5 Best Golf Games: Play These Fun Games During Practice

Fun Golf Games to Play

In this post we will share some simple, yet fun golf game games you can play with friends or alone during your practice sessions to make golf practice more exciting.

If you’re the gambling type of person, you can make some fun bets with your friends based on who wins and loses these golf games.

Golf Game #1: PIG

If you’ve ever played basketball, you’re aware of the fun game called PIG as well as the longer version called HORSE.

With golf you play it very similarly.

You and your partner will take turns trying to pick different locations to putt from. If you make the putt, your partner must copy it and if they miss their attempt, they get the letter P.

If you don’t make the putt you picked out, then your partner gets to choose a new location they’d like to putt from. If they make it, then pressure is now on you to copy it or you get a letter.

Repeat the process until someone misses 3 putts and loses by spelling P-I-G.

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Golf Game #2: 18 Hole Putt Off

For this golf putting game, you’ll be creating your own 18 hole course on the putting green. You can mark the 18 different putts with tees or ball markers.

Then you’ll go around the mini course you set up and try to sink the putt in 1 attempt. The most number of putts should be 2 putts per hole.

A 2 putt scores 0 points and a 1 putt scores +1 points. Anything more than 2 putts is a negative point. If you take 4 putts that is a negative 2 point score for that hole.

Go around 18 holes and see how many points you can score. Try to beat your friend if you have a playing partner to do this golf game with.

If no partner, then compete against your own scores each time you come to practice each week.

Golf Game #3: Flop Shot Challenge

In this golf chipping game, you’ll compete with a friend to see who is better at hitting flop shots.

Each of you will take turns choosing the shot location and hole you’re hitting your flop shot to.

Sometimes you may back away 10-15 yards from the green and choose a hole tight to the edge of the green leaving little room to land the ball.

Other times you may choose a hole further away on the green that leaves more distance to land the ball before the hole.

Regardless of these locations, the goal is to get closer to the hole than your partner.

You can add different rules to this chipping game:

  • If both of you don’t land on the green, neither wins a point
  • If both of you don’t get within 5 feet of the hole, neither wins a point

Get creative and add some spin to the rules to make this chipping golf game exciting. Overall, you’ll get to practice your flop shots and show off your skill against your friend.

Golf Game #4: Driving Range Skills Challenge

In this golf game, you’re going to hit balls to targets on the driving range. Both you and your friend will pick a target to aim at on the driving range and see who can hit the shot closer.

Repeat by taking turns picking out different driving range targets at various distances.

You can also require certain shot types to work on drawing the ball, fading the ball, hitting high golf shots, hitting low stinger golf shots, etc.

It’s straight forward so add your own twists to make it more exciting.

For example, if you hit the target (Yardage Post) or if you make it in the hole (which is rare) then your partner must buy the next round of drinks or lunch after.

Golf Game #5: Chip In Contest – PIG

This version of P-I-G is played with the wedge instead of the putter. The goal is still the same, make the ball in the hole.

Pick a chip shot to start and try to chip it in. If you’re successful, then your partner has to match you by making their chip shot or else they get a P.

If you miss your chip shot, then your partner gets to choose the next location to chip from and put pressure back on you to copy their made chip-in.

It will likely come down to who can chip in 3 balls first with their wedge but if you’re fortunate to match the shot by also chipping in, it can extend the game longer.

Overall, this is a fun and challenging game to play with friends at the golf course!

Thanks for reading today’s article on golf games that are easy to set up during practice. Below you’ll find some of our best practice routines if you’re looking for more drills and structure.

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