Golf Tips Every Female Golfer Should Read


Golf Tips for Female Players

Full disclosure, I am a male golfer but I’m writing this article today to inspire more females who want to become successful at the sport of golf.

I believe we need more female golfers and it starts with getting more junior golfers into the sport as well as empowering them with the belief they can be great.

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Myth: Men Are Better Golfers Than Women

For starters, you are no different than male golfers. Male players don’t have an edge on you so don’t believe anyone who says golf is a man’s sport or that men will always be better at golf than women.

Unlike most sports where being taller, stronger, faster matters, in golf it doesn’t. It’s a skill sport where you swing a club and try to hit a little ball from tee to green until you get it into the cup on the green.

There are many women golfers who can putt better, chip better, and swing straighter than male golfers. Gender doesn’t define how well you can play golf.

In fact, Michelle Wie and other female greats have played on the PGA Tour before competing against men. Competing on the PGA Tour alone, puts you ahead of 99% of other golfers world wide. You can be great, believe in yourself.

Myth: Women Can’t Hit the Ball Far in Golf

Your first mental objection will likely be that men can hit the golf ball further but this is false. There are many female golfers who hit the golf ball further than male golfers.

Only at the elite level does separation start to happen due to physical differences between men and women golfers. Dustin Johnson is built to hit 400 yard drives unlike most women.

But if you’ve watched the Long Drive Competitions, or LPGA Tour events, there are many women golfers who can still hit a golf ball 300+ yards, which crushes the average distance the average male golfer hits the golf ball (220 yards).

Ignore the noise of men saying they’re better than women golfer’s because they can hit the golf ball further.

Instead, focus on increasing your golf swing speed and you can hit the ball just as far, if not further than the best players in the world. Aim to increase your swing speed above 100 mph with the driver. If you can reach 110 mph, you should be close to hitting 300 yard drives.


Golf Practice Tips for Women

With those two major myths out of the way, here are some tips listed below for your to follow to improve your golf game!

#1: Study Golf

Learn the history of the sport! It’s important to understand when and how golf was invented, who the all time great golfers are, golf courses that have historical significance, and many other fun facts about the sport.

#2: Follow the LPGA Tour & PGA Tour

What better way to fall in love with a sport and stay motivated to get better than by following the journey of other great golfers. On the PGA Tour side, I’m a huge fan of Tiger Woods hoping to see him return to greatness while also cheering on Jordan Spieth, Rickie, Rory, and other young studs making a name for themselves in golf history.

Find your favorite players on both LPGA and PGA Tours and tune in on weekends to watch their tournaments on TV or live if you have the luxury of going to watch in person. You’ll find yourself motivated to get the golf course more to practice your own game!

#3: Hire a Swing Coach Right Away

The most discouraging part about golf that causes most players to quit is their golf swing. Beginners get frustrated when they don’t hit the ball well and it’s easy to want to give up.

Instead, find a coach who can help you make fixes to your swing and hit the ball straighter and farther. The average swing lesson costs about $40 for a half hour but if you buy in bulk, you can get a reduced rate. It will likely take multiple golf swing lessons with a coach to see improvement so it’s recommended you save money buying a bulk package deal with the instructor.


#4: Work on the Fundamentals for a Few Weeks

The golf drills that focus on basic fundamentals are often the most boring drills to practice and seem pointless but you’re underestimating their power in crafting your technique so that it holds up under pressure.

Consistency is a huge struggle for most beginner golfers and having strong fundamentals can fix this issue.

For putting, make hundreds of practice strokes without hitting a golf ball. We call these “dry reps” and they’re important because you’re not focused on the result of the golf ball but rather the actual putting stroke itself.

Practice your stance, your set up, your pre shot routine as these are all vital parts of the fundamentals that come first before you every make contact with the golf ball

#5: High Volume of Repetitions

This last golf tip isn’t meant to discourage you but instead help you speed up your success with the sport of golf.

You need lots of reps. Golfers who spend more hours and put in more work volume, tend to see their skills improve and scores decrease faster.

In high school, I started playing at age 16 and shot 120+ for 18 holes. But after spending 4-6 hours per day, for many weeks, I quickly broke 100. After several months I was breaking 90 consistently. Eventually by age 18, just a few years later, I was winning tournaments with under par scores.

Give yourself a 24 month time frame and plan it out. Set goals for what scores you want to achieve but also set goals for how many practice reps you want to achieve.

If you putt 500 reps per week, then after Year 1, you’ll have completed 500 x 52 weeks = 25,000+ reps on the putting green. Think your putting is going to have improved substantially?

Best Golf Tips for Both Male & Female Golfers

Overall, try these 5 basic golf tips I’ve outlined for female and male golfers alike to follow if you want to improve. And use the two myths we dispelled above to keep motivated if someone in your life is trying to discourage your from playing golf.

You can succeed at the sport and get better than 90% of players if you put in hard work. If you’re a female golfer and have dreams of reaching the LPGA Tour, start practicing today and keep with it for 24 months, week in and week out. Believe in yourself that you can make a lot of money playing professional golf.

Golf has a long life span. Players are playing professionally into their 50s and 60s so if you’re young, you’ve got lots of time on your side to become elite.

If you’re older, you can still become better at golf than most players within a short time period. You may not make it professionally but you can win local tournaments your city or club holds and have lots of fun playing good golf.

Thanks for reading today’s golf tips geared towards women golfers and junior golfers who want to succeed at this challenging but addicting sport.

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