Jordan Spieth’s Look at the Hole Putting Drill

Jordan Spieth Putting Drill – Look at the Hole

In this golf putting drill you get to forget about watching the ball when putting and instead you’ll be looking at the cup as you make the putting stroke.

It’s a great drill we like to do on long putts to get a feel for distance control. But it’s even more important on short putts, which is where you’ll be starting off the drill first.

Why look at the hole when putting? Well think about most sports. In basketball you look at the hoop when shooting and in football you look at the receiver when throwing.

Golf is the one sport where you look down at the ball instead of at your target.

But like other sports, you can actually still make putts looking at the hole. This gives your brain distance and target information to help you sink the putt.

And by not looking down at the ball, you don’t have to spend your mental energy focusing on mechanics.

Instead, you develop trust that your mechanics will hold up and perform a successful putt just like a basketball player trusts his shooting mechanics will hold up while he focuses on the rim.

Drill Instructions:

  1. Measure a 3 foot putt
  2. Set up to the ball like normal, square the putter face to your line
  3. Now look at the hole
  4. Make the putting stroke and trust it
  5. Make 5 putts like this from 3, 5, 7, 9, 12 feet
  6. Then make 3 putts like this from 15, 18, 21 feet
  7. Then work on lag putts from 25 to 50 feet just trying to get within a few feet of hole

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