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36 Golf Practice Routines to Drop 10 Strokes from Your Golf Game

6 Golf Practice Routines to Drop 10 Strokes

Hey there golfers! Today I’m excited to share a golf training program with over 36 practices that will help you lower your score by at least 10 strokes.

We’ve had over 500+ members complete these golf training programs online and share lots of positive feedback with our email community.

Why Do Your Golf Practice Routines Work?

The reason these golf practice routines work is that they cover all areas of the golf game in a progressive manner.

In other words, your golf practice routine takes you through golf swing drills, golf short game drills, golf chipping drills, and golf putting drills that are designed to challenge you and make you better!

Each practice builds off the previous practice routine which ensures that your skills are progressively improving and being challenged.

The 36 golf practices are laid out step by step giving you a structured practice routine to follow. No longer do you have to worry about how to use your time at the golf course.

We’ve all had those days where we leave feeling unsatisfied that we didn’t make any improvement or weren’t productive enough with our practice time.

What Bonuses Do We Throw In?

In addition to the 36 practice routines, we give you lots of extra practice drills for 5 different categories that are most important to your improvement.

How about golf fitness tips and workouts? We throw in those also as bonuses!


Yep! You also get over 50+ worksheets. These worksheets go with the practices to track your results plus you get skill improvement tracking worksheets which track key statistics in your golf game.

Such skill statistics we help you monitor include:

  • Fairways in Regulation
  • Greens in Regulation
  • Scrambling Percentage
  • Putts Per Round
  • Putts Per Green in Regulation
  • Your 50% Make Distance

What is the 50% Make Distance Statistic?

The 50% Make Distance is a cool putting statistic to track and compare to the PGA Tour Professionals.

It’s the distance you can putt from where you make 5/10 putts on average on a consistent basis.

For example, if you sink 66/100 putts from 4 feet away, then you’d move back and attempt 100 putts from 5 feet.

At 5 feet you might make 57 putts so now move back to 6 feet.

At 6 feet you might make 51 putts out of 100 which is pretty close to 50/100. This would be the putting distance you would compare with tour professionals and/or golfers in your handicap bracket.

How Quickly Can You Expect to See Results?

If you follow the plans exactly, you should see results right away. At the beginning you’ll go through skills assessments to get a baseline for where your skills are at currently.

Then complete all 36 golf practice routines over the next 36 to 72 days depending how often you can get to the golf course.

At the end of the 36 golf practice routines, you’ll be able to test your skills again using our skills assessments and see that you’ve dramatically improved your putting, chipping, etc.

Plus, if you make use of our custom golf score card during your rounds of golf and track the key statistics mentioned above, you’ll notice those stats improving over time.

Why Most Golfers Never Break 80..

The reason most people don’t improve at golf is they have no focus. Most golfers just show up to the course to play a round of golf.

They might hit a bucket of range balls and spend a few minutes on the practice green but they have no structured plan for improvement they’re following.

How many times have you mindlessly hit range balls with no structure or drills you’re following? I’ll raise my hand too.

How many times in your lifetime have you ever sat on the putting green for 2 hours hitting 500+ putts and recording your statistics?

Golf is no different than basketball. Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and others have spend hours shooting hundreds of jumpers each day.

In golf, you should be spending a few hours at practice hitting hundreds of chip shots, putts, and golf swings with purpose and tracking your results.

How to Get Started with the 36 Golf Practices

If you’re ready to seriously improve your golf game and lower your scores 10+ strokes, then it’s time to use these practice routines, drills, and tips in our training program. Download all of the eBooks and PDF files inside your dashboard after enrolling in our online training program and place them in a 3 ring binder.

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