Tiger Wood’s Double Gate Putting Drill

Tiger Wood’s Double Gate Putting Drill

One of the most famous golf putting drills has become famous because it’s practiced timelessly by golf’s most famous golfer, Tiger Woods. Today’s putting drill has been named the Tiger Wood’s Double Gate Putting Drill after years of seeing Tiger practice it during warm ups before heading out to play in competitive PGA Tour events.

Tiger’s been considered one of the best putters of all time and his Scotty Cameron putter has helped him win 15 majors, with his most recent being the 2019 Masters.

Whether you’re a fan of Tiger Woods or not, this golf putting drill is worth completing during your practice days. It will work on your putter head control, teaching you to keep it straight during the putting stroke so it flows seamlessly between the gate of tees.

The double gate in the putting drill refers to a second gate of tees that the golf ball must pass between. This truly tests your ability to start putts on line which starts with a straight putting stroke and ends with seeing the ball stay straight, passing between gate of tees.

How to Do Tiger’s Putting Drill:

  1. Measure out a putt 6 feet away from the hole
  2. Set two tees about a putter head width apart (Gate #1)
  3. Set two more tees (Gate #2) about a golf balls width apart and 3 feet in front of your first tee gate
  4. Stroke putts, keeping the putter head square so it passes through Gate #1
  5. The ball should also start on line and stay straight the first 3 feet to successfully pass through gate #2
  6. If both the putter and the ball pass through their respective gates without making contact it is counted a success
  7. Repeat for 10 successful attempts or practice for a half hour to build skill

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