Golf Drills for Kids & Junior Golfers

My name is Nick Foy, a golf instructor at Foy Golf Academy and today’s golf drills I’m about to share with you are great for kids to practice. These kids golf drills are especially helpful to the competitive junior golfers who want to improve and beat their fellow players at junior golf tournaments.

I’ve selected fun and simple golf drills that kids can practice, that will prepare them for scoring low on the golf course. Golf drills that leave lasting impact on skill improvement such as putting, chipping, and pitching skills.

Kids normally can’t reach the green in regulation yet because they lack the distance with their swing. As a result, they’ll rely on chipping and pitching to help save par until they grow and increase distance with their clubs.

Usually, by age 12 to 13, junior golfers can begin hitting the ball far enough from the adult tees to begin reaching the greens in regulation and making pars more frequently.

When this day comes, your kids will be ready. Your child’s short game will be strong thanks to the putting and chipping drills we have them practice below.

And if you need help getting your kids into golf, here’s a helpful guide on this topic I wrote: How to Get Kids into Golf

Let’s dive into the following golf drills for junior golfers and see how they improve their game in the mean time, while their golf swing evolves.

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Best Golf Drills for Kids & Junior Golfers

As I’ve already said, kids mostly focus on putting, pitching, and chipping because they’re unlikely to get the distance. So, the golf drills for kids I’ve gathered here focus on all three aspects.

Putting Drills for Kids

Putting is the final step to finish a hole on the golf course successfully and thanks to the limited distance, this is where junior golfers spend a lot of their time on the course.

Putting also happens to be more sophisticated compared to other actions.

Here, I have some golf drills for kids that’ll improve their putting game.

#1: Putt to a Coin Drill:

Set a coin on the ground, such as a quarter, and make putts to it. The goal is to hit the coin 5 times in a row before moving further away from it. Start just 1 foot away and work your way back until you can hit the coin 5 times in a row from 5 feet away.

Or, you can start with a multiplier of 3. Start with a 3-foot putt then progress to 6-foot and 9-foot. The goal is to progressively build confidence and gradually fine tuning the putt. 

#2: Putt Between Two Tees Drill:

Similar to the coin drill, this drill will work on your accuracy with the putter. Set up two tees in the green about a golf ball wide. You want the ball to be able to pass through the tees but don’t put them too far apart that the drill is too easy.

Then stroke putts trying to hit the ball between the two tees. If the putt isn’t on line, it will hit one of the tees. Start from 1 foot away and work your way back until you can successfully hit putts through the tees from 5 feet away.

#3: Speed Control Drill:

To work on controlling your putting speed, try this fun golf drill. Grab 4 ball markers or tees and create a rectangle box that is 3 feet wide by 9 feet in length using the tees to mark the 4 corners of your box.

Measuring 15 feet away from the start of the box and drop 6 golf balls down here as your starting position.

The goal is to putt the ball into the box but not too far because each putt needs to go further than the previous putt without running beyond the 9 feet of space.

Try to successfully get all 6 balls inside the box, with each ball rolling further than the previous. If the putt comes up short, you fail and must start the drill over.

If you get to ball #4 or #6 and have run out of room to putt the ball past the previous without going outside of the box, then start over again.

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Chipping Drills for Kids

Putting is a serious skill to master but it’s not enough. You want your kids to reach the green in the first place, right?

That’s where chipping golf drills for kids come into play. With an effective blend of chipping and putting techniques, your child’s short game will be top-notch!

#1: Chip It In:

Find a spot in the fringe or just in the rough at your golf course’s practice green and drop a few golf balls onto the ground. Spend the next 15 to 20 minutes trying to chip the balls into the holes on the putting green.

You can start close by the hole so that it will be easier to chip it in and work your way around the practice green until you successfully chip in multiple shots at different holes.

#2: Closest to the Hole Competition:

Find a friend or family member to play against for this chipping drill. You both take turns picking which hole you want to hit chip shots to on the practice green.

The competition is simple. Each of you should hit a chip shot to the selected hole of choice and see who gets the ball closer the hole.

You win a point if you beat your partner AND if the ball is no further away than 6 feet from the hole. This challenges you to work on your chipping distance control so that you get the ball as close to the hole as possible still if your partner messes up on their chip.

Resource: Golf Practice System with Step by Step Practice Plans + Video Lessons

Pitching Drills for Kids

Last but not least, I have a few pitching drills. It’s an important aspect of the overall skillset of your kid, especially handy for courses with steep altitude changes.

#1: Pitch it in the Bucket:

Here’s a fun pitching drill that kids will enjoy practicing. Find a smaller basket or bucket you can use to catch golf balls that the junior golfer will be chipping into it.

Find open space in the golf course’s practice area where you can practice pitch shots from 10, 20, and 30 yards away without putting others.

Try to chip all 10 balls into the bucket from 10 yards away. Count how many out of 10 are successful at going into the bucket. Beat your score next practice.

Then move back to 20 yards away from the bucket and repeat this drill, counting how many you successfully can chip into the bucket. Repeat again from 30 yards away.

#2: Pitch to a Towel:

This is a great pitching drill for kids to help them learn how to get their wedge shots onto the green on the first try and save strokes from their golf score.

Place a golf towel flat on the green to serve as a target.

Starting at 5 yards away, hit pitch shots onto the green trying to hit the towel laying on the ground. Repeat this until you’ve hit it 10 times.

Then move back to 10 yards away and repeat until you hit the towel with your pitch shots 10 times. Repeat again from 15 yards away and 20 yards away.

It will help you get more accurate with your pitch shots, keeping them straight online with the towel you aim at. And it will help your distance control as you hit the towel with your chip shots from different distances.

Final Tips & Thoughts

Overall, these are a few drills every junior golfer should practice if they want to improve their scoring and get ahead of the competition level for their age group. Tiger Woods used to beat kids several years older than him as a junior golfer because his father had him practice putting and chipping much more than the average player his age level.

But before I put the wraps on this guide, I want to share some additional tips. They’ll help you navigate the waters better and actually help you enjoy the process.

Golf Training Aids We Recommend:

Patience is Key

One of the first mistakes parents make with junior golfers is that they push them too hard. Remember, young minds are not supposed to be tamed. Instead, they’re supposed to be inspired and nurtured.

I want you to be patient when you hit the course or the driving range with your kid. If something is not working, don’t get worked up. Try to get to the bottom of the issue and reevaluate the approach.

Also, if you’re a golfer yourself, you should already know how intricate the sport is. It takes time to properly understand the mechanics of the swing, be it long-distance or short-distance. Take it one step at a time and you’re good to go.

Invest in the Right Equipment

Sure, Milkha Signh might have reached the heights of success starting as a barefoot sprinter. But if he had the option, he would invest in a good pair of running shoes.

What I’m trying to say here is that if you can afford it, you most definitely should invest in good golfing equipment. A high-quality putter with the right balance goes a long way in golf drills for kids. Most importantly, good equipment helps to learn the proper form.

Of course, go into a reputable shop and get the clubs fitted for the junior. Don’t even think about teaching them how to play with adult equipment.

Lead by Example

If you start studying golf, it doesn’t take long for things to spiral out of control. Now, imagine sharing these complex definitions and terms to your children. More often than not, it’s not going to work out.

If you ask me, you should strive to lead by example. Instead of talking, show your kid how to hold the putter the right way. Show them how to use lofted clubs to achieve a good pitch.

Sorry but I have to bring the patience aspect up again. If your kid is finding it hard to grasp, have the mentality to show them over and over again.

Make a Routine Out of It

If you’re serious about teaching your kid how to golf, random visits every couple of months at the course are probably not going to work. Consistency is key to success no matter how you contextualize it.

So, instead of randomly booking a session, make a routine out of it. It can only be a few hours every weekend if you’re working but it should be consistent.

Focus on the Fun Part

Unless your kid aspires to be the next Tiger Woods, you’re going to golf for fun. So, keep it fun. You don’t want your kid to feel burnt out from your constant pushing.

Make a day out of it every time you hit the course. Share the quirks of golf every time you see one. What I’m trying to say is that try to have fun, the learning will follow.

Start Young

Well, it’s scientifically proven that kids are better at learning than adults. The younger they are, the easier it is for them to grasp the form, especially when it comes to a physically sophisticated sport like golf.

If your lifestyle allows for it and it’s not too late just yet, you should get your children to get started with the golf drills for kids very early. I’m talking 4-5 years old early.

By the time they grow up to be a teenager, they’ll have mastered things that we adults have a hard time with!

There is a fine line between over practicing though because you don’t want your kid to get burn out and start resenting the sport.

Approach with caution how much you pressure your junior golfer to practice his or her golf game.

Let them have fun while still trying to help them get ahead of their peers by putting in more work and practice time.

Lastly, since we didn’t cover the golf swing due to it being ineffective while they’re still growing and evolving their swing power from ages 4 to 13, here are a few swing tips that should always be practiced:

  • Proper alignment to the target
  • Shot shaping (draw and fade shots, high and low shots),
  • Swing speed (hit the ball further)

Hope these golf tips and golf drills for kids helps you achieve more success at the junior golf level. If you want more drills and practice routines, check out our training plans listed below.

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Work hard,

Nick Foy, Instructor

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