Golf Indoor Practice Guide: What to Work On

This checklist covers things to consider when planning your golf indoor practice at home so you can improve while weather keeps you off the golf course and during the off-season.

You’ll find an outline below of indoor golf drills to practice, swing mechanics to work on, training aids, and golf club reviews. Some are links to other blog posts you should check out!

We also have a structured golf training program that gives you all the indoor golf practice drills and step by step routines to follow during your at home workouts.

Golf Practice Indoors – Ideas, Drills, Tips

Indoor Golf Swing Practice

  • Mirror to check diff positions
  • Work on no ball drills to feel the body turn, hip turn, tempo
  • Swing weighted club

Golf Strength Training

  • Build muscle
  • Add more stability to your swing
  • Add distance to your clubs
  • Avoid injury
  • Better fitness & endurance on the golf course
  • Feel less fatigued during the round of play

Resource: Golf Fitness Training Program

Indoor Driving Range Practice

  • Focus on golf swing mechanics
  • Keep the golf muscles working
  • Focus more on ball flight line than distance

Indoor Golf Nets

  • Work on solid contact / ball striking
  • Keep the golf muscles working
  • Tuned into feeling how everything works in the swing
  • Work on the back swing, top of the swing, and down swing positions
  • Video yourself for improvement

Read: 10 Best Indoor Golf Nets Review

Golf Simulator

  • Fun way to practice golf at home
  • Keeps your skills sharp
  • Shows you your swing tendencies
  • Compare buying your own golf simulator vs renting one for an hour
  • Invite friends and family to play

Experiment with New Golf Clubs

  • Holidays are great time to receive new golf clubs and spend a few months getting used to them
  • Go to your local golf fitting store like Dick’s Sporting Goods, Golf Tec, or local golf pro shop

Putting Practice Indoors

  • Build your own indoor putting green
  • Place tape on ground parallel to each other and work on putter path
  • Putt to a cup
  • Consistency – practice indoor putting drills daily

Chipping Practice Indoors

  • Chip to a towel to work on distance control
  • Low trajectory, medium trajectory, high trajectory
  • Consistency – practice indoor golf drills every day

Additional Tips for Indoor Golf Season

  • Review statistics from last golf season to see what you need to improve on and work on this upcoming season.
  • Fairways in Regulation
  • Greens in Regulation
  • Putts Per Round
  • Birdies Per Green in Regulation
  • Scrambling Percentage
  • Average Driving Distance

Thanks for checking out today’s guide outlining all the things to consider about your golf game while you are indoors this golf season. There’s lots you can practice indoors in your golf game so get to work!

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Work hard,

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