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College Golf Practice Drills & Schedule Routine

Today we’ve got a simple golf practice routine consisting of 4 golf drills for college golfers. By practicing these specific drills, you will work on your putting skills from close range and long distance. These golf practice drills will test you under pressure helping you learn how to stay calm and cool on the putting greens.

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Make 25 Putts in a Row at 3 Feet

Set up 6 tees around the hole in a circle, measuring each to be 3 feet from the hole. Start at one tee and make your way around the circle sinking all 6 putts. Repeat this until you’ve made 25 putts in a row from 3 feet.

Phil Mickelson likes to do this exact putting drill but he goes up to 100 made putts in a row from 3 feet. Try to beat him if you want a bigger challenge!

This golf drill also warms you up getting your putting stroke path ready to go since it’s such a short putt. You get to focus on the putting stroke and keeping it square to keep these short putts on line.

It’s a college putting drill that should be included in any golf practice routine.

Distance Control 10 Putts in a Row from 15, 30, and 45 Feet

For this putting drill, keep your 3 foot circle you made around the hole, but replace the tees with ball markers so the tee’s don’t act as obstacles while lag putting from 15, 30, and 45 feet away.

The goal of this drill is to successfully putt 10 balls in a row within the 3 foot circle, leaving short tap in putts for par. If one putt doesn’t make it into the circle, you have to restart the drill.

Once you pass from 15 feet away, move back to 30 feet and repeat this lag putting drill. After getting all 10 putts within 3 feet in a row, move back to 45 feet. It’s recommended you use only 3 golf balls. Any more than this and you risk balls banging into each other inside the circle which can throw off your results.

Ladder Drill with 3 Lifelines

This is a great golf drill for college golfers to practice their short putts from within 10 feet. It’s also a lot of fun as it gives them only 3 life’s to survive the entire drill or else they have to start over.

Set up a distance marker at 3 feet from the hole and then measure in 1 foot intervals back to 10 feet creating a total of 8 putts in a line.

You only get 3 golf balls and each time you miss a putt, you take away a golf ball hence the “lifeline” phrase. Try to make every putt back to 10 feet without missing more than 2 putts. Once you miss that 3rd putt, you fail and have to start back over at 3 feet.

You can repeat this drill again in reverse, starting at 10 feet and moving forward one tee at a time until you finish off making the putt from 3 feet.

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Never Leave the Putt Short Golf Drill

For this putting drill, you’ll need to set up 3 tees in a straight line; one at the starting position you putt from, one 6 feet away, and one 12 feet away.

The goal is to putt the golf ball at least 6 feet but not much more. Then putt a second ball just beyond the first ball to practice not leaving the putt short and to practice your distance control.

You score 1 point for every putt that goes further than the previous putt, but the game ends once you hit a putt outside that final tee at 12 feet.

This means you have a 6 foot window (between the 6 and 12 foot tees) to try and score as many points as you can. If you leave a putt short, failing to get it to go beyond the previous putt’s distance, then the game ends as well.

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College Golf Practice Schedule

The above putting drills can be practiced daily if you’d like but it’s recommended you complete this golf practice routine at least 4 times per week to build consistency.

In addition, you should aim to practice your driver, woods, and irons on the range for 45 minutes per day as well as spend an hour on chipping & pitching practice. Thanks so much for reading today’s college golf practice guide!

Please check out our college golfer level training programs that will give your practice schedule some structure and help you build an all around golf game from tee to green, including a tour level short game.

Simply show up and complete the daily golf practice routines, tracking your stats and monitoring results over several weeks.

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